Sunday, June 1, 2008

I Am

(songs of the week start of with 'Kau Ilhamku by ManBai' a Malaysian song! my ultimate fav Malay song!)

I am........ tired........ very tired.. and grumpy too while were at it....

i had a great day! :) chilled out wit Trisha & my fav Indonesian frens; Iin, Finda, Michael, Intan & ALia! only person missin was Cathy, she was sick.. but we had to do our Final Photography assignment which is to take 4 photos of each category (n in the end we only pick n print 1 pic from each category) which are - Fast Shutter, Slow Shutter, Shallow Depth of Field and Greater Depth of Field..

so we went n walked around KL this afternoon shootin everything interestin we saw! it was soo much fun, but we def walked ALOT! n esp under the 34degree weather (am not kiddin a billboard wit the temperature stated so!) but it was all worth it! got to show them around some lesser known parts ok KL, n we got some pretty great shots! now all that's left to do for me is the Slow Shutter (def doin tat at nite!) n print them out! :)

wat a day tho! now im just really tired tho... eugh! all tat walkin! n i know this is real bad of me, but whenever im really tired i just tend to be in some sorta bad mood n i get grumpy la, family can testify!

i just like to be on my own n not talk to anyone.. parents have learnt tat well n generally stay out of my way. n if u ever were to wake me up from a sleep tat i direly need, u better be ready for the consequences!! grrr!! n now im tired also from arguing n fightin wit Icky... sigh

just another one of our usual miscommunications la! have them like every week..... many times.. ish......................... but i guess its ok, we always manage to work it our n it def makes our relationship stronger.... still, it does suck when it happens.. oh well... i still love you to death babe! :)

will post some pics from today, soon!