Saturday, June 28, 2008

Le Memorial

Yesterday we had a short lil memorial for Hannah n it was nice! bout 64 ppl turned up. I read the verse from 1 Corinthians 15:50-57 n it was nice n then mummy read out the speech that Hannah's mom, Caroline had given during the funeral while i ran pictures of Hannah at the back so naturally alot of ppl were tearing up..
Hannah, Caleb & me in 1992! haha

Hannah as a toddler! :) cute ennit?

I somehow held it together the whole time.. u know i was thinkin alot bout how Hannah took her illness... she was so incredibly strong thru out the whole thing, she never once fussed or got angry wit God, in fact, it drew her closer to Him.. amazing isn't it? her faith grew so much, as did our whole family's... once a few months ago, in the midnight, Hannah had struggled and gotten out of bed just so she cud get down on her knees n pray.. i was just so amazed at how strong she was.. i honestly hope that my faith in the Lord, shall be as strong as her's was! :)

in a few days time,it will mark the 1 year that i've been away from the USA... cant believe it flew by so fast! God i miss the States soo much! :( esp my host family, friends and Rita's Italian ices in PA, n Philly cheesesteak sandwiches.. hoagies, BAGELS!!!! wat else? i still have A TON of twizzlers left tho! oh mamamia!! someone please send me food!!!!

was just talkin to my parents bout me going on a Euro trip next year! wanna go to Paris n see Jade, my french twin, and go to Italy n visit Riccardo, Spain? with Jade n visit Jorge n perhaps Germany to see Bonnie n Jon! n also England for Sha & Liz!! :) but if Europe doesn't happen, then i HAVE to go to the States! by hook or by crook ill be there next year! New York again, PA- Allentown specifically, n maybe LA to see Kim? hmm...

i gotta go!
Need to go plant my money tree n start growing money! wish me luck!!!!! ;p

p/s: i'll be reviewing Movies on Monday!! check in on those! :)