Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Paris, Tokyo

I've been really diggin Lupe Fiasco lately, esp his song, Paris, Tokyo! not many ppl know tat Lupe has been around for quite awhile, n was into him since 2006, when he released 'Kick, Push' & 'I Gotcha'. He's definately gonna be one of the biggest rappers.. his lyrics are really amazing, he aint just rappin bout some dumb shit like some rappers do, the beats are simple n chilled, n his music is quite ol'skool la~!

just lovin him! n today was YouTubing him la! :) check out songs like the ones i listed above n also 'Day Dreamin'. also, many ppl dont know tat he's a Muslim! n he has this song called 'Muhammad Walks', as a version of Kanye's 'Jesus Walks'! do check it out! :)

Been super busy in college this week, painting my Life Drawing canvas final! we have this HUGE canvas, divided for each students wit a space of each square with dimensions 1.5feet(squared). For our whole class la, so bout 30 squares? u can imagine how big it is!

were supposed to paint a British icon, can be of any industry, as long as its a celeb la! so i chose, Twiggy! :)

n when they lecturers put up all of the Foundation year's canvases, (30 boxes per canvas X 12 classes) its gonna be huge la! they're joinin it n so from far away, the colors are supposed to be in a spectrum la, so our class was assigned to do 'cool colors' i.e- blues, greens, purples.... so i made Twiggy green! lol! still have some more renderin to do la, but so far im pretty happy wit it!

oh n i was laughin my ass off yesterday when i heard sumtin hilarious! this boy of mine, ah. Icky is a total nut! hahaha u know wat he did? he actually posted on (ebay for Msia) to sell FACEBOOK Texas Holdem Poker chips! hahhahhahhahahhaha he's selling like i dunno, bout 100000 chips of more for RM20!! hahahahhaha wat a nutter! but apparently not supposed to sell anything gamblin related n so it got taken off. but yeah! funny la! who the hell sells Facebook chips???? the world is gettin crazy! hehe

but yeah if anyone wants them, contact me! lol! he can transfer it to ur account! loL! ;)

n i cudnt take it anymore n finally washed my hair! whee!! since got the free perm on Monday, (hair model for Nikki's perming exam) not supposed to wash it for 3 days, but i cudnt tahan la! anyway, they're still intact! n i cant wait to shoot wit them! :)

oh! n i got my Slow Shutter pics!! :) not bad for a 1st time i think!



HunsBuns said...

oh it sounds odd but my friend made more than RM13k selling his facebook poker chips to rich arabs...seriously!

Kelsey Bunny said...

.....*stares open mouthedly* are you serious?? omg! im soo gonna play the game more n start sellin chips!! lol!

Sticky said...

Babe, 100,000 chips for RM20, 1,000,000 for RM150 lah! hehehe, 10,000 for USD20 is nuts!

Kelsey Bunny said...

ok babe! sorry!!