Thursday, November 22, 2007


Let me first start off by sayin wat a HUGE Disney Princess fan i was... oh ok! who am i kiddin?! i STILL AM A HARCORE DISNEY PRINCESS FREAK!!!!
when i was a lil girl, i used to be hooked every single day on the TV, watchin The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Pocohantas, Snow White, Aladdin......

i had all the videos of them, i had the soundtrack n i swear, ( u can ask my momma if u dont believe me) but i watched them every single day! my Fav was of course, The Little Mermaid..

i watched it practically every day until they stopped me, but i pretty much got all the scenes, the dialogues n most of all, the songs memorized! hehe I wanted nothin more than to be Ariel! hehehe in fact, i was convinced tat id be Ariel if i ate fish tails! lol! but dont worry, when it was in front of me, i cudnt do it.. :D

BUT yeah! i just loved my happy childhood of all these amazing Disney cartoons.. n i miss it, u know? i mean, dont get me wrong, i do love the disney cartoons like those of today, they're awesome too, but none of them have that true Disney princess, songs, and music that they used to have back in my childhood!

lol! i sound like an old lady!

ahhhh.. but its soo true! i miss it
So tats why when i went for the premeir of ENCHANTED recently, i was filled wit the feeling of deja-vu, happiness, satisfaction, deliriously joyful, and a girlishness!
i really was!

The movie was sooo cute! and wonderful~!!
The cartoon version of the girl, looked EXACTLY like a blond Ariel! n just all the songs n the cuteness and funny lil skits that they took from each famous Disney movie (if u didnt know, Enchanted takes alot of spoofs from the old Disney cartoons! makes it more fun! :D )

Patrick Dempsey, a.k.a. McDREAMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is in the movie, aight ladies!!!!! need i say more??? ahhhhhhh he just makes any straight girl and gay guy swoooooon and fall deeply in love wit him! :D another great reason to catch the movie!

So if ur looking for a movie filled wit action n serious-ness, this aint a movie for u, BUUUTTTT< color="#ff0000">make u smile with it's cuteness, make u laugh, make u sing, make u remember ur childhood days, n just make u breathe n be taken into a world of fantasy,
and forget all bout ur problems while u watch it, n then leave the cinema wit a Big grin on ur face,
THEN WATCH Enchanted!

its sooo cute!!

LOVED IT!!! :D needless to say, huh?


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tiredness & Movies

I've been so tired lately......

Im physically tired as im not gettin enuf sleep at night, n im busy busy busy during the day.....
But most of all, im just so tired Emotionally, u know?

I'm so so so confused bout certain things, i'm so stressed bout problems and decisions to be made, im stressed by choosing the right choice tat will determine my future.. N its like, im scared to shits coz i dunno wat to do anymore, of perhaps i do,but im just to scared to make tat decision... AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! im so so tired of all this!! i just want it all to end! i hate feeling so scared and stressed from the unknown! im sick of feeling scared!!!


anyway, wtv la..............................

So i went to 2 movie premeirs this past 2 nights!
Yesterday, i went to watch the movie THE HITMAN
This is a pretty good movie, i guess... Ok, let me get straight to the point, the movie was interesting enuf, action scenes are AWESOME!!!!!!!! , the actin was not very good, Buuuuuuutttttttt, the WHOLE reason why i cud not take my eyes off the screen was cos of TIMOTHY OLYPHANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh!! tat guy is the HOTNESSSSSSSS!!!! i swear!! he is sooo friggin hot in this movie, the amazing stare he has, tat bald, raw sexyness, the cold hard gaze of his eyes, the body,.... omg.. the body.... *faints at the thought*

So u should totallly watch the movie, coz i mean i have to admit, the Blood, Guts, Guns& Killings in the movie are awesome n also there is eye-candy! hahahahaha :D
just wish the actin cud have been better, oh welll...

And i actually just only got home from watchin THE KINGDOM

It's starring Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner & lots more! it was, i have to say, FREAKIN BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!
I mean, before the movie, i was soooo not interested in goin to see the movie, even tho i heard it was good, just wasnt in the mood, but went anyway, but im soo glad that i did! coz the movie was just so so good! Its about an American area in Saudi Arabia which was attacked by terrorist, n so 4 FBI agents from the USA go to help catch the killers.
The storyline was just so kick-ass, u know? like u see how Saudi is.. abit... the mentality of the people, and also to see different perspectives.. the acting was real good, i mean, cmon! JAMIE FOXX man!!!!! dont even have to question it man! n the special effects, the shooting scenes, the rawness of the lifestyle, the blood!! ahhhh!!!!! loved it so much! n it really had me ( n as well as the rest of the viewers) on the edge of their seats! so wanna watch it again!
so, yeah!! ur on ur Christmas break, so go catch these movies! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND wathing THE KINGDOM!!!
n tomoro im gonna watch the premier of ENCHANTED, so i'll review tat another day!
ahh.... feel better now.....

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wedding Bliss & Realization

So i attended an absolutely beautiful wedding on Saturday evening!

Congratulations to Patrick & Salina for finally gettin married! :D the service yesterday was held in St.Paul's Church the church, u know, i attend every week n the one that my very own parents got married in, i was baptised n confirmed in and also the same church that i practically grew up in! :D

And as we took our seats, i realized something, this was the first Christian Church wedding i attended since my uncle got married which was 6-8 years ago!!!!! gosh!! its been too long! n when i was there, the whole church looked so so beautiful, the flowers were so beautiful, every guest was dressed so nicely and, you could just feel the excitement and happiness buzzing thru the air! the atmosphere was just filled wit love, u cud tell!

And when the procession came in, and the cute lil page boys, the pretty flower girls & brides maids and stunningly beautiful bride walked towards the happpppeeee groom, you could see how shiny & happy the family and friends were... The service had thoughtful passages from the Bible, a nice song and a short message. Then came the vows part! ahh.. my fav..

I LOVE the whole tradition of the exchanging of vows, the exchanging of rings and the sweet first kiss as man & wife.... The life-long wait of saying I DO to the person who;

----- you love with all your heart, who loves you back, who you know you want to spend the rest of your life with and with whom you want to make babies and create your own family wit, the person who you finally truly love MORE than yourself.. that beautiful, pure unconditional love..............

its so beautiful, you know? n the best part of the service that i Loved was the fact that the church was Filled to the Brim with family & frens of both the bride and groom! Oh n btw, the groom is Indian, while the bride is Chinese!! so it was pretty cool to see 1 side of the church to be occupied by Indians & the other side to be occupied by Chinese! lol! ;p

But being there and sittin thru the ceremony & basically being witnesses to this happy couple's wedding made me start to realize and think about many, many things.......

I have found the person tat i love the most, u know... i really have.. n he loves me back, too, but we're of course not together now due to complications... In recent days i have realized many things, namingly; THE fact that i had begun to love HIM more than i love MYSELF. coz i really do, I'll do anything for this guy...... I mean, we get each other, u know, sure we have TONS of fights, like bloody hell alot, but we just have great times too, n we cud have a great future together if it werent for a few factors but the most important factor is the reason tat : if we wud end up gettin married, i ll lose my ENTIRE family, as they will disown me for marrying a Muslim, coz tat'll mean i'll have to convert n they just cant accept tat la.....

And being at the wedding and seeing how supportive the families were just made me realize how much i desperately want MY FAMILY to be at MY wedding, to be supportive of the decisions i make in my life, to be at the hospital when i give birth to my children and u know..... to just be around................................... and i realize tat i cant have tat if i was wit this guy...
its like, i can have him, but im just always gonna be missing them n wishing they were around n ill end up being miserable....
also, ultimately, as much as i love him, i just know tat i will never be happy not havin a dog, not attending church every week, not sending my kids to sunday school..... i just cant ever accept tat...

I LOVE JESUS! haha i do! i know i may not be the best potrayal of a Christian, its true i do ALOT of "un-christian" crap, but i still am a happy Christian at heart.... I Loved how i was in the USA! i was in a Christian home n Christian school n surrounded by good kids, n i was just sooooooooo good! i mean, u'll never believe me until u see, I DIDNT SWEAR FOR 6 MONTHS!!! lol!

haha but i mean i do love being home la... dont get me wrong.
oh my goodness, this is such a strange n depressing blog post! im sorry guys!

ILL BE HAPPIER NEXT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Indonesian Shoppin Trip & Camille's Shoot!

First off, i wanna say a HUGE sorry for not updating my blog till now, i've just been soo busy and everytime i sat in front of the com to do it, just didnt know wat to write, but now im baaaaackkkk!!!
Basically, Bandung, INDONESIA is the coolest n cheapest place to shop!! Took a short holiday there for the main reason of shoppin (lol!) wit my parents n my cousin sister who is finally back from Melbourne - KRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's only a 2 hour flight from KL n honestly ppl, the only reason to go there is to shop, i mean there is nothin else to do la, i guess u cud go n see some flowers n the volcano too but we didnt have time so just spent 2 days shopping! lol!

From the moment we got off the plane n dumped our stuff in the hotel, we walked round n went to all the factory outlets n shopped.
>>>>> See, Bandung has alot of factory outlets shops, like lots of brands they sell it for realllllll cheap! like 1/3 or 1/2 of the actual price tat u'd pay back home! u have to check properly n try on the clothes coz they r basically rejects n normally have irregular sizes n all tat jazz, n some r actually fake, so u have to be carefull.

But we managed to find some good stores esp RUMAH MODE which was HUUUUGEEEEEE!! n had A TON of clothes from all brands like Guess, Armani, MNG, Zara, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Old Navy, True Religion... A TON MORE!!!!!!!
n bloody hell i bought 6 items n only spent RM200! so it was well worth it! hahaha
n at the end of the days, me & Kris wud be soo tired tat we'd lost interest in the shops n we got back massages done! ahhhhh... as soon as we hit the bed, we were out! loL!

All in all, as the picture above shows, i bought :
16 tops
3 jeans (2 of em skinny)
4 panties
2 pairs of earrings
1 pair of shoes!
Total spent-- RM 700+ which is like.... only US$ 200+
>> n honestly, if i were to buy it back here in KL, it wud have costed over RM1500+, so it was definately a succesful trip! :D:D

SO that was Bandung for me!

Moving on, on Wednesday, i had such a GREAT day!!! went to college for fun! :D just to hang out wit some peeps n u know wat? i loved every minute of it!
Hung out wit Trisha, Kim, KG, Guillaume, James, Taps, Sammy & cant remember who else la!

Ah! but we spent the whole day just talkin n laughin n chillin,, missed these guys! oh n funny n scary story at the same time! lol! Guillaume went to pass up his photography assignment n when he came out, he called me. apparently his lecturer asked if I could be his model, n the lecturer told me tat he was doin in Masters n wud like me to model for him. he shows me his portfolio n the pics tat he'd like. i look at it, n blooodddyyy hell!!!!

heck NOOOOOOOOOO am i not gonna pose nude, buddy!!! i mean u cudnt see the faces, or private body parts n all tat, but its still the thought of it, n so yeah, turned it down. horny ass.

BUUUTTT, i DID have a photoshoot wit Camille Dievart!! :D
She's studyin make-up, n now she's just doing her portfolio coz she's gonna go to Paris n train at the Make UP Forever institute! so she wanted to do something. n it was by far! AWESOME!!!!!!

We started at 1.15 n finished the make-up process at like.. 4.30 ish! hehe it was soo much fun tho! i mean, she loves to be creative n do real fun n crazy make up, coz she believes tat it shows how talented u really are, n i actualy agree wit her.
so she decided wit pink eyes n green & blue crystals. so it took a real long time doing it, but we had fun talkin n all tat. as she puts on the lipstick, she had the great idea of puttin crystals on my lips! n i was like, "GO FOR IT!" :D hahaha
so yeah we went crazy n had fun! took tons of shots! :D i had such a fantastic time!! :D i never had tat kind of make-up put on me, b4 n it was thrilling!!
I've been having soo many 'firsts' recently and experiencing so many new things.. Im just lovin life at the moment.. :D
so yeah! n id let her do anything wit me, its all good! so we're gonna do ANOTHER shoot next week!! ahhhhhhhhhh im SOO EXCITED! cant wait to see wat she's gonna do!!
OH! n btw, if theres anyone who wants her to do make-up for any shoots, she says she wants to do it, so contact me n ill let her know, k?
also, she needs a person who can edit n photoshop the photos, so if anyone wud be willing to, cud ya let me know, too? thanks! appreciate it much! :D

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

And The Deflowerin Continues

So yesterday was an incredibly fun day! 1st i wanna shout out to STICKY ICKY MAL!!!!

whooOhoo!! finally turned 21!! congrats you!!!! you seem to get better (though a bit weird) wit age! lol! but yeah he says he had a GREAT birthday! hehehe ur welcome! :D

>>I did a photoshoot wit Bibo & Dan yesterday!!! was soooo awesome! omg! ok other than gettin lost for 1 hour, arrived at the location which was gorgeous! iT was a great pool n beautiful garden wit Rocks n all tat. So Idan (who is such a funny & cute guy!) did my make up n i had Green Eyes!!!! it looked soo gorgeous! n we had fun talkin n all! also another model on the shoot, Fique, was goin next.

so wore a white tank & skinny jeans n the firste place was on a bunch of huge rocks! a bit scared since was wearin heels,but had help. so did loads of shots with Bibo & his fren Dan n it was soo fun! i had to have some pointers in the beginnin on poses, (i dunno why la, startin ill be stoned & lost abit, but after awhile, ill get into it) n it was awesome!!!!! started from the top rocks n progressed to the bottom! lol! :D

then we moved to the pool n tat was tricky at first, but soo much of fun!!!! loved figurin out wat dif poses to do, comin up wit fun ones n all tat! Bibo is such an awesome director n photographer! we were thinkin of wat to do, esp loved the ones wit me jumpin out of the water!
really need more photos la. will ask him for it! :D

so this went on for 15 mins i think, but it was just soo exciting n somethin completely new for me! havin fun learnin more n more bout poses n angles! also i just LOVED gettin to know these ppl! they're so much fun!!!!
so pretty much, the shoot was a fun thing n im just lookin forward to seeing more photos n perhaps doin more to increase experience!! :D:D

Also!! i got the photos from James & KG today!!!!! YAY!!! theres like, i think 100 shots! they're so much fun to go thru! hehe so i uploaded a bunch to FACEBOOK but heres just a couple of shots!

ahhhhhhhhhhh im lovin this!!!

hehheeehhehe HAPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!! cant wait for Kim to do more photoshops stuff!
1st sem of foundation year is almost over!!!!!! Friday is our last day!!!!!
im in a way relieved college is over coz had too many assignments but realllly sad at the same time la!! i Freakin LOVE goin to college n hangin out wit everyone!!!!!!!!1 like im totally serious!!! i LOVE it n im gonna miss it.....




Monday, November 5, 2007

The Virginity Chronicles

Today was life changing... it was amazing, breath-taking, a day i'll never forget.. Today i lost my PHOTOSHOOT VIRGINITY!!! hehehhhhehe but yeah! i really did!

This french guy, Guillaume had asked me & Kim to do a photoshoot for him, n so we did today! KG styled, directed and photographed the shoot. it was a Black & White themed shoot, meanin we wore black/white against a black & white background. In the end, Kim did the Ebony one & i did the Ivory one since the contrast of those colors against our skin was amazing! oh! n KG also did our make-up for us,, n i have to say, he did a really great job!

Kim was 1st. She wore a long black dress n black heels, n i tell u ah.. watchin tat woman pose was bloody nerve-wreckin la! she's like such a bloody pro! Kim, ur just born to model la... but its always real fun to watch her, i observe n learn things, so its cool!
Oh! n at the same time, James & Lisa were doing a photoshoot bout Lisa as an alcoholic so i was watchin tat too! n it was a fun shoot! haha James even asked me to do some shots wit her! =D

James is sucha cutie la! when he photographs, ahhaah the things he says totally cracked us all up! he def took some awesome shots as well! will get the photos n post them up on FACEBOOK and a few here too..

Then it was my turn! wore a white chroceted top n white shorts with white heels n it was real interesting! since im still a noob, i was real lost! didnt know wat to do n basically still dont know my angles la, so Kim & KG instructed me alot! but they really did a GREAT job!
After many cool shots, we started playing around n takin wacky shots n tats where the question of the OTHER virginiry came into frame! hahhaha now i have officially lost my "KISSING ANOTHER GIRL with TONGUE VIRGINITY!!!"

YES!!! hahaha me & Kim took some very interesting photos n we had tongue action! ahhhh!!!!!! after soo long, i finally did it! lol! hahaha =D but wat she says is true! Girls are much better kissers! hehe thanx Kim!

so yeah! today was MAd Fun! wit 'firsts' in alot of things! lol! cant wait to see the photos!! will get them soon n put em up, aight?? hehe

other than tat, chilled wit the gang + Malaz & Jennifer at Wings n we had some super crazy cracked up time! lol! haha Malaz started singing loudly, omijesus, that girl is whack! haha but love her anyway!!!!

awesome day! just awesome!


Saturday, November 3, 2007

Can You Believe...

This song, Can You Believe by Robin Thicke is soo beautiful and memorable..... Just his beautiful, honest, soulful voice and the melodic flow, deep, meaningful and clearly beautiful lyrics + with the memory i have of this song while it was being played..... ahhh... it will be in my memory forever...

It's as if im in a trance now as i listen to it...

Nothing can make you high
Or put fire in your eyes
Or give you a chance to fly
When you need the wings
When all that youve got is doubt
And nothing can stop you from feeling down
But oh I know, I know exactly how you feel

But can you believe now
When youre on your knees now
Begging and pleading now
Can you believe
When all that youve got is doubt
And no one to pull you out
When your heart is slowin down
Can you believe

See the person I love the most
Is so far away tonight
And no other medicine or promise is
Gonna heal me up right
But I got to believe
That her and me
Will be together
Cause thats all I got
And Oh, I know
When youre down at the bottom
Can you believe

Can you believe when all hope seems gone
When your mother and father cant keep you safe from harm
Can you forgive in your heart
Can you ask for forgiveness
When nobody else believes can you believe
Can you believe in yourself

If nobodys watchin
You will never know
If somebodys watchin
You will never know
If nobodys watchin
You will never know
If somebodys watchin
You will never know
If nobodys watchin
You will never know
If somebodys watchin
You will never know

Beg, buy, borrow or steal.. Do whatever you can to listen to this song.... Beautiful...


Friday, November 2, 2007

Project Progress & Shoots!

These past couple of days have been fun, exciting n tiring all at the same time!!

Thursday, went to college as usual n chilled wit Riya & Amanda n guess wat? for breakfast, I ate COCOA POPS CEREAL in COLLEGE!!!! hahah i was soo amused! i mean who the heck eats cereal in college! n plus, i haven't ate it in like 3 months so just felt like it! hehe then went to class to work on the Integrated Project due next Fri, n u know wat? for startin it real late, we're actually makin great progress! painted here & there, danced n sang like a mutha n i have to say, i THOROUGHLY enjoyed myself! hehehe, nothin else happened, oh! except that Kim brought her cuffs to college. nice, Kim.... nice!

But one of the highlights of the day was the MYSPACE comment i got from Bibo! He's this student in college who studies photography n is a freakin' great photographer la! Since the 1st time i saw his shots of Kim, i was like, "dayyymmmnnnn.... i wish i cud have a photoshoot wit him!" n the best part is we were in contact recently and i got a comment from him saying "kels, lets do a photoshoot!!!!!" ahhhHH!!!!! i screamed when i saw the msg man!! so its supposed to be next week n the outfit is 'skinny jeans & tank top'! excited & nervous at the same time!!

Today, lepaked (chilled) with Kim & G in the mornin n even had a game of pool, but i finally dragged my lazy bum up to the Studio to help paint our project n u know wat/??? it's lookin soooooo friggin awesome! seriously! Amanda, Sammy, Dhahma & i guess Gaish have been doin a good job! glad i could be of help too!! :D:D love paintin la.. its sooo relaxin u know! :D n its almost done, ppl!! really!! just have to do some minor touch ups here n there, n POOF! finito! =)

Lunch tho, was really awesome! Sat wit Kim, KG, & this french guy called G n we were laughin n talkin bout our usual crap la! n G asks me & Kim whether he could shoot us for his assignment, n we were like sure! so we did a Black & White shoot, but since he didnt have a DSLR, KG told him to postpone it to Monday n were gonna do a proper one! with Lightin, DSLR, Proper wardrobe, props n blower!!! whoooohoo!! im excited!! nervous also la!! im a noob at this..

I have to say that it was fun tho! Enjoyed chillin wit them today! :D
We also did a real fun 'extras role' for Ehsan's "Public Service Announcement about AIDS" video! hahah! we filmed like we were pretendin to be takin an exam! lol! the things tat happen
in this college ahhh.. *shakes head* I LOVE IT! =) Also, this guy asked me to be his model for his Sem 4 final presentation! hehehe FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

im baking CHEESE CAKE tomoro!!! yays!!!!!!!!