Monday, November 5, 2007

The Virginity Chronicles

Today was life changing... it was amazing, breath-taking, a day i'll never forget.. Today i lost my PHOTOSHOOT VIRGINITY!!! hehehhhhehe but yeah! i really did!

This french guy, Guillaume had asked me & Kim to do a photoshoot for him, n so we did today! KG styled, directed and photographed the shoot. it was a Black & White themed shoot, meanin we wore black/white against a black & white background. In the end, Kim did the Ebony one & i did the Ivory one since the contrast of those colors against our skin was amazing! oh! n KG also did our make-up for us,, n i have to say, he did a really great job!

Kim was 1st. She wore a long black dress n black heels, n i tell u ah.. watchin tat woman pose was bloody nerve-wreckin la! she's like such a bloody pro! Kim, ur just born to model la... but its always real fun to watch her, i observe n learn things, so its cool!
Oh! n at the same time, James & Lisa were doing a photoshoot bout Lisa as an alcoholic so i was watchin tat too! n it was a fun shoot! haha James even asked me to do some shots wit her! =D

James is sucha cutie la! when he photographs, ahhaah the things he says totally cracked us all up! he def took some awesome shots as well! will get the photos n post them up on FACEBOOK and a few here too..

Then it was my turn! wore a white chroceted top n white shorts with white heels n it was real interesting! since im still a noob, i was real lost! didnt know wat to do n basically still dont know my angles la, so Kim & KG instructed me alot! but they really did a GREAT job!
After many cool shots, we started playing around n takin wacky shots n tats where the question of the OTHER virginiry came into frame! hahhaha now i have officially lost my "KISSING ANOTHER GIRL with TONGUE VIRGINITY!!!"

YES!!! hahaha me & Kim took some very interesting photos n we had tongue action! ahhhh!!!!!! after soo long, i finally did it! lol! hahaha =D but wat she says is true! Girls are much better kissers! hehe thanx Kim!

so yeah! today was MAd Fun! wit 'firsts' in alot of things! lol! cant wait to see the photos!! will get them soon n put em up, aight?? hehe

other than tat, chilled wit the gang + Malaz & Jennifer at Wings n we had some super crazy cracked up time! lol! haha Malaz started singing loudly, omijesus, that girl is whack! haha but love her anyway!!!!

awesome day! just awesome!