Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Singapore's F1 Night Race!!

now this weekend was a blast! i mean tat for the ear drums n for the eyes! ahh I cud go on n on, but Im too lazy, so just gonna keep it simple.

We drove down to S'pore, only took us 4 hours, and straight had lunch(dim sum!) n got to the hotel - Pan Pacific Marina Bay which is right next to the track! :)

If ya'll still have not heard, Singapore hosted the first ever Formula 1 Night Race - n it was done on the streets!

So they closed of lots of streets n made it into an awesome possum challenging course! n we stayed right next to it n u cud see the track and cars, let alone the whole city cud hear the FRIGGIN SCREECHING ENGINES that I LOVE!!!! oh crap the loudness was.. ear drum blowing! haha seriously, watchin races on tv, i know its loud, but nothin cud ever prepare me for how loud it REALLY is. its such a screech tat ur ears hurt n u have to use EarPlugs, oh but I loved it soooo much!! felt so real u know?

IT was such a dream for me to finally go for a F1 race! I mean all these years when they host in in Sepang, its still expensive but this time, the tickets were all sponsored and so were the hotel. So a big thanks to my uncle!! :D

The place was packed with lots of rich rich foreigners who obv have lots of time n money to follow these races ahhh but it was fun!

Day 1 - Qualifying Sessions.
We had Stamford Grandstand Tickets n they were pretty sweet, so had fun watchin all the cars zoom n the occasional slip into the side as they lost control of the car. nuthn major tho, they just spun out to a lane. Massa of Ferrari made pole position! :)

oh n Pa insisted on buying me a Ferrari t-shirt!
I Resisted coz it was waayy too expensive, but he bought it anyway! $120 for original, but its so nice!! :)

Day 2 - Historic Race Day!
in the afternoon, went around Orchard Road with Periama shopping, well moer of like browsing. i actually dont like shoppin in Singapore, its too expensive, i can get the exact same from home or Bangkok for 1/3 the price. anyhow did manage to buy 1red clutch, and GLADIATOR wedges!! ahhhhh!!!!

there were tons there but had to resist, as i addy have 3 pairs of flat glads, but there were so many high ones and high heeled! so found this awesome pair n it was $30, so decided to treat myself! they're soo hot!!

ok now Race Day- got awesome seats too! Turn2-3 Grandstands!!! how awesome man, we're at the turn right after the grid, so get alot of action, oh n there r big screen projection tvs there, so u watch the tv coverage as well as the live thing happenin! :)

the atmosphere was so fun! ppl all cheerin n happy! we all gasped and laughed and all at the action. read papers for coverage im too tired. but basically lots of drama- it was AWESOME! n Alonso won! good on him!!

n also we got to go on the track after tat! so took pics of rubber and the pits and Heikki Kovalainen! lol!

all in all it was such a dream come true and great weekend! not postin much pics here, but its on my Facebook. so heres the link: CLICK ME!

Taaa im tired!!


Saturday, September 27, 2008


Had dins just now wit Icks, Trish n Patrick. sweet.

Sakae Sushi and laughs. sweet.

watched Accuracy of Death. Takeshi Kaneshiro.. sweet.

Going to Singapore for the weekend to watch the Singapore Formula1 Night Race. sweet.

*BUNNY's BUM. Sweet.*

Friday, September 26, 2008

Way Tired

ugh im feeling so lethargic now.. been havin long days recently and feelin kinda sick- back aches, headaches, u name it. went out to Euphoria last night n it was...............


Patrick played more house, but it was really good, say it was a great way to unwind last nite! :)

also Uncle Roydon & Hem Achi from New Zealand (Hannah's parents) came down last night. they're chaperonin a high school trip to Vietnam so they'll be there from today till the 9th. Then Hem achi will be spendin almost 2 weeks with us, I think...

It was so so good to see them! Haven't seen them since... 05 or 06.. n actually Hannah was supposed to be on this trip too.. :( but it was good to see them la.. Uncle Roydon is fun as usual, but you can really just see how sad they are la.. I can see in their eyes that they miss her constantly.. was sad la...

Like, I'd catch Uncle sometimes lookin at me, n then lookin away with this look on this face, n I cud tell tat he was missing her n wishin she was here.. I do too........ darn.. we used to have soo much fun together...

N I miss Caleb too! wish he cud have come down, but think he had classes.. He's always full of his crazy jokes- haha! :) oh well, maybe a trip to New Zealand for Christmas or in January might happen..

we'll see! :)


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reach For the Stars

and if you fail at least you'll land among the clouds....

That's what I always believe in. You should never give up dreaming and having big plans for the future. If you make the effort to try to reach them, you'll always achieve something good out of it. Perhaps you won't always get what you want, but you'll discover new things or stumble upon new opportunities! :)

I've always had big plans for myself since I was a kid. Ask my family, I've always dreamed of being a model, of going away for foreign exchange studies, of being in the papers, of doing fashion and all sorts of silly-sounding things.. I mean I've had alot of crazy dreams.... BUT I've always strived for it..... and I will NEVER let anyone stand in the way, or tell me I cant achieve what I want coz Im not capable or wtv..

Look at what I've managed to accomplish so far. I always dreamt of going on a Foreign Exchange Trip since I was 8, and out of the 400+ ppl tat applied, I was one out the 38 chosen ones... I may not be a signed model yet... but at least I AM going somewhere with it.. Im not big, im practically a no one, but... Im slowing improving, learning more and achieving small dreams, slowly-but surely....

I've always wanted to do runways, n altho im too short, I still do fashion shows at college and next week, Im at The Attic, Bangsar for a Fashion Flirt event! and I've always dreamed of being in Seventeen mag one day, and this morning- I got to do a small shoot wit em! :) I'll be in the December issue!

The only person that can tell me tat Im not capable of achieving those things is myself. As long as I try my best, I'll be happy. Im not gonna listen to ppl or family members tat say; 'oh u should wear a padded push up bra la, then only nice....' like waaatt??? r u serious???

who said dreams are for losers? of course I do not get all tat I want.. God has yet to grant me with some nice boobs, but I'm very comfy in my own skin.. no car yet.. lots of things Tat I still dont have.. but im proud of myself for always trying my best.... :) So never give up ur dreams, sweeties..... and dont listen to those who just dont believe in you!!! listen to ur heart.

They may not always be the path that you choose, but If u make an effort to achieve them, u never know... :)

So this is me after the shoot today! :) I was so in the mood for a 'Lena Fujii'-esque camwhore session, n I still had my make-up from this morning on, so pardon me! lol! I haven't camwhored in the longest time ever, n my skills r severely lacking, but this is what I came up with so far.. hehehehe


Saturday, September 20, 2008

So So So

Songs of the week- Gym Class Heroes - COOKIE JAR. and also next is, Hed Kandi ft. Cascada- IT'S YOU, IT'S ME.
ahh im currently addicted to HED KANDI!! :) their coming to Malaysia and are gonna be playing at Euphoria on the 27th of Sept n I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!! :) cant believe how awesome their songs are!

SO do come to Euphoria on tat day, ur gonna regret it if ur not there!! n the admission is RM50.

also been listenin to Gym Class Heroes's new stuff, like Cookie Jar & Peace Sign/Index Down! these r pretty darn sweet man!
*Starry Eyed*

just gor some more shots from Bibo! :) im a happy girl! :)

wat do u think?

I had the randomest/wierdest yet happiest dream this morning! it was soo weird but strangely I was so happy during the whole thing, in fact everyone in my dream was, and I can remember everything about it!

Dreamt tat I was pregnant! lol and like, just about to give birth! hahaha I think I was bout, 20 in the dream, n was having a baby, n my parents were at the Hosp. wit me n they were so excited! haha Mal was so happy too! n I was so happy and excited that I was having a baby! weird kan? i kept thinking, 'this is gonna be so awesome! this feels so right..' n it did.. i dunno, i kept rubbin my belly, which btw was totally cute and big!! :) LOVED IT! :)

ahh was super excited.. then before my water even broke or b4 I even 'gave birth', I woke up................ :/ oh well.. i still felt so incredibly happy for some weird ass reason! lol! no idea how this thoughts came to my mind but yeah..

so go listen to the songs now and tell me bout ur weirdest/randomest dreams ppl! i dont care long or short, just TELL ME!


Friday, September 19, 2008


What a week!! i was busybusybusybusy with assignments this week! 4 due- so I was just stressed the whole time..

but its done! I had to make a Fashion Journal for Sociology and its a cool project la, but theres aload of researching for fashion history, influences etc to do.. n it is 30% of the coursework, so yeah! thank god its done, im ok with it la..

Design Management- both assignments are an effing waste of my time. this module is a waste of my time. scratch that- a waste of ALL our time and money. hate it. dont learn anything.

Business Management- both me & Tatz are pretty much done, so tats cool.. this module is pretty good, learn alot, its tough but we have a cool lecturer..

now...... im a bit freer but i still have to work on my Retailing final project, Music Genre for Sociology, and...... re-bloody-do the group assignment for Design Management coz shes not satisfied with out stuff.

on a lighter and Happier note........... I got called by Seventeen Mag! hahahha no, its not bout the contest,(reckon they'll only announce it on OCT!) but they're asking me to do a shoot with them- its like a story bout the effects of clubbing on our body and skin.. So its not some glamour one, but im still excited!!

although its on the same day as my Buss.Man class, I've already turned them down once, I cant let my dream to be featured in freakin SEVENTEEN Mag again! :) am exxcciiitteeeddd!!!

also, Ive just opened a Modeling Portfolio account, and its so great coz u get to connect wit models, photogs, stylist, etc from all over the world, and the happiest part is, I've been getting asked to do shoots from alot of people! =D so we'll see how tat works out! :)

And I Love you babeh!!!!!!!!,MUAXX!!! heheh just thought I'd say that. ok ill update soon with sumn better, but this is it for this few days! laaterrr!!!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Taste..

.. of things yet to come..

Im livid with happiness and satisfaction when I see these new shots!!! :D They're fun and I loved doing the shoot tat day, I felt like I really challenged myself and tried so many different poses and looks, and the end result: Great! :)
*Hippies Couture*

Im glad tat Bibs & I managed to have fun, experiment (lol! he painted the green stuff at first!), and we got some good shots! hehe! can't wait to get more pics from him bout the other concepts that we tried!!!!

oh n if u Haven't voted for me yet, PLEASE DO SO!!! I really wanna win this competition, I know it may be silly to some, but I've just always dreamed of being in Seventeen Magazine since I was 14, and... I just need this to happen so badly..... this could be a stepping stone for things to come...

SO PLEASE VOTE FOR ME for the Animax-Seventeen Model Search on

My darlingness Icky and his party didn't win the MUSA elections this year.... suucckkss big time... they only managed to get bout 7 posts i think.. ahh screw tat blog man. all the lies and hate in it were all mainly directed to one person, and the current party, and somehow innocent people get dragged into tat mess and this is the result.. aisshhh..

oh well, Icky's handling it well, he knows its nothing he can help, plus now he'll have more time for everything else and most of all, more time with me! :) gotta say la, I really did want him to win, badly, but all this MUSA stuff was taking a toll on our relationship..... Quality time is important la............ so maybe this is for the best? as far as I know, he's ok..


and now he can concentrate on his studies more as well as his music!! :) I've asked Rueben annai's friend, Adrian if he cud help out wit Icky's music and he said sure! so gotta get Icky to give him some of his stuff! :)

Anyhow, I went to the JoJoBa Spa in Times Square again yesterday! had 60% discount so yeah! took the 2 hour Ultimate Indulgence Spa which includes;

-Aromatherapy Massage, Ear Candling, Facial, Eye Mask & Ginger Tea....

oh goodness, it was soooooo good. n i slept off again! ahhhh... came back feeling all refreshed and oily and nice! lol!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shoot & Speak!

So i had another shoot with Bibo today at college and it was partly for Pooven's make up assignment! wow! today was...... exhilarating!!!! we did 7 different concepts!! it was everything from simple, to artistic, to glam, to happy then to fierce.. i feel soo 'accomplished' today!! LOL

shot like 500 shots man, n boy did we manage to get some GREAT ones! =D tee-hee!! im happy!!!

will get the shots soon n post em! im super excited!!
*my cutie*
Also, Icky my hunny-ness-ness-ness is running for President of the Monash Uni Student Council (MUSA) and he is representing the SPEAK party! he is currently the Vice-Pres of MUSA. So I think that he's been doing a Great job so far campaining and all tat jazz, he's got a great party and I think that they're definately ready to lead MUSA on! :)

He'll make a great President, only thing is that recently a lot of controversial crap has been happening with a blog formed to boycott SPEAK, just because the author of the blog (remains anon) has some personal hatred towards the current President of MUSA. stupid idiot man. behaving so childish and blaming others just bcoz he has some vendetta against 1 person, he tries to smear other ppl's name in mud.

But anyway. Listening to Icky tat day during his Presidential nominee speech and watching the debate between him, his VPs and the other party, honestly, I was blown away! really. and im not saying this just because I'm his girlfriend, Im saying this as an observer and he freakin brought the house down man!! with his presence, the way he stayed composed even tho the mike kept dying, his command, his speech and his confidence just SCREAMED -PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!! the other party kept stumbling and they didnt make any sort of impact. this round, they fell flat.

*the best pic of them all! Icky& Tristan Annai!*

its amazing u know.. just when u think u know a person, they suprise u! we just celebrated our 3years & 5months anniversary on that day, and on that very day, I saw a whole different side of my boyfriend. I saw a man.

And if he doesnt win this, Monash is gonna be really, really and I mean really losing out on the Best. Damn. Thing. that cud ever happen to them!

so good luck babe! YOU WILL FOREVER BE MY PRESIDENT! *but dont forget, no matter how big & legendary you may be, I'll always the President of you! lol! ;p

SO PLEASE STILL VOTE FOR ME for the ANIMAX-SEVENTEEN Model Search contest!! I've got till 15th Sept, before voting closes! so please please please spread the word for me and vote vote vote!! get ur frens, ur family, ur cat to vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Animax-Seventeen Model Search

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hahahha my MOM had to call me n tell me, no one from Seventeen called me or emailed me to tell me bout it!!!!

apparently voting started from 25th August and ends on the 15th Sept! not much time left!
so yes! IM ASKING YOU TO PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!!! please please vote on

but u have to register at first under the MYSTAR page, (Its really quick!) then u can vote all u want over n over again!!

omgosh im so so happy now!! this is one of the things that i've only DREAMED about!!!!! so please please vote for me!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, September 8, 2008

Strawberry Fields

So today was a bad day- turned Good!! :)

I had to go to college for a replacement class and for some reason I thought that it was at 9.30. so when i got to class n saw no one, i started bitchin la, complainin bout our stupid lecturer and called a fren, n then i saw Taps at the corridor, so we started talkin.. THEN it hit me- Class was at 2.......... 0_0 i banged my head against the wall. sigh

so didnt wanna drive all the way back home, n I ended up chillin at the plaza wit Taps, and we talked and talked about anything and EVERYTHING! haha from relationships to class, to family and love, and music and movies and Zimbabwe and EVERY thing! hahhahahha it was soo good! we sat there from 10am - 2pm!! felt great to chill with one of my closest frens in college, since I havent seen him much.. :)

then went to class to see tat crap lecturer, who still is crap coz she thinks we're 12years old. wtv.

came home and indulged in HUMONGOUSAURUS strawberries!! largest I've ever seen, by far!! :) n htey were super yummy n sweet!! :) oh I LOVE Strawberries!

tried to stain my lips wit them n make it all red but it didnt work. all i did was get bits of strawberry stuck between my teeth! hehehehe!


Sunday, September 7, 2008


I keep on fallin' in and out
of love with you
Sometimes I love you
Sometimes you make me blue

Sometimes I feel good
At times I feel used
Loving you darling
Makes me so confused

I keep on fallin'
in and out of love with you
I never loved someone
the way that I loved you,

Oh oh oh,
I never felt this way
How do you give me so much pleasure
And cause me so much pain,

yea yea'
Cause when I think
I'm taking more than would a fool
And I start fallin'
back in love with you

Oh babe..... how do u play with my feelings like this?
sigh.... its during that time of the month again where all my hormones start going wild and starts traumatising me again.. but babe dear where are you? im feeling lonely.. emotionally and physically.. and it's driving me crazy..
I hate PMS. its all a cow.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Memory Lane

*Bath Time*

So i was going thru all of my old old OLD photo albums! the ones when i was born and thru out my toddler years n wit my fam n all tat!
some of them r just oh so cute! i dont have a scanner so i cudnt resist taking pics of them! :) here's a lil treat for Kris n fam! :)
*I think i just arranged the dolls n tried to be one!*
*LOVE this! :)*
*Kris, me, amachi & Hannah*
*Caleb, Kris, me & Uncle Roydon*
*at the zoo! i actually remember this!**oh so busy busy on the phone! lol!*
*with the golf stick!*

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bangkok Pilgrimage!

So im back! Back from Bangkok! Back from a shopping spree for 4 days n also a lot of GREAT Thai food! yum! :)
i had a whale of a time, as usual! Stayed at the Grand Diamond Hotel in Pratunam this time, n it was pretty nice! the location tho, was great! it was right next to a new mall tat we discovered, called Platinum Fashion Mall n its a mall for wholesalers, but u can still buy single pieces! so I shopped wit my mum n aunty, The whole day!!

bargained n bargained n enjoyed the Thai accent (as usual!) n got aload of good stuff for really really cheap! tats why i LOVE bangkok! :) ahh it def was good to be back in Thailand! n dont worry there were no protestors where we were, tat only happens at the embassy area.. so we were all real safe..

n all of us stuffed ourselves silly wit Swensen's ice cream as it was real cheap n TON n TONS of great Thai food! i love Tom Yum Kung- n we had it for almost every meal n my uncle said that if he were to have some more, hed have it comin out of his ears! lol!

oh n we also hit MBK Mall- it was good as usual, but i think my fav place to shop now is Platinum! also went to Erawan and Chatuchak weekend market! ohhhh that place was C-R-O-W-D-E-D!!!!!!!!!!!! super packed n HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!!! but the great thing about it is the fact tat stuff there is super super cheap!! n as long as i had my good cool coconut juice in my hand, i was alive! lol!

oh! n great news! i managed to stumble upon a Charles & Keith clearance sale in a mall (genuine Charles & Keith!!!!!!) n guess wat? it was freakin 70% off! i bought a FAB pair of sexy black heels for only RM55.50!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!! super happy!

other than that, we mostly went around for food n did go up to the Sky Bar in Baiyoke

Sky (tallest building in Bangkok) which was on the 83rd floor! so we got a beautiful view of Bangkok at night! :)

all in all, it was a fab trip n i had a great time!

i bought: 7 dresses, 6 tops, 5 panties, 5 earrings, 3 necklaces, 3 shorts, 2 rings, 2 shoes, 2 belts, 1 jeans, 1 pants, 1 bra, 1 skirt, 1 bag & 1 headband! :)

:) Mal also had a great time in Manila, from what i heard! he won US$500!!! :) guess ill be gettin a good Christmas gift! lol!