Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shoot & Speak!

So i had another shoot with Bibo today at college and it was partly for Pooven's make up assignment! wow! today was...... exhilarating!!!! we did 7 different concepts!! it was everything from simple, to artistic, to glam, to happy then to fierce.. i feel soo 'accomplished' today!! LOL

shot like 500 shots man, n boy did we manage to get some GREAT ones! =D tee-hee!! im happy!!!

will get the shots soon n post em! im super excited!!
*my cutie*
Also, Icky my hunny-ness-ness-ness is running for President of the Monash Uni Student Council (MUSA) and he is representing the SPEAK party! he is currently the Vice-Pres of MUSA. So I think that he's been doing a Great job so far campaining and all tat jazz, he's got a great party and I think that they're definately ready to lead MUSA on! :)

He'll make a great President, only thing is that recently a lot of controversial crap has been happening with a blog formed to boycott SPEAK, just because the author of the blog (remains anon) has some personal hatred towards the current President of MUSA. stupid idiot man. behaving so childish and blaming others just bcoz he has some vendetta against 1 person, he tries to smear other ppl's name in mud.

But anyway. Listening to Icky tat day during his Presidential nominee speech and watching the debate between him, his VPs and the other party, honestly, I was blown away! really. and im not saying this just because I'm his girlfriend, Im saying this as an observer and he freakin brought the house down man!! with his presence, the way he stayed composed even tho the mike kept dying, his command, his speech and his confidence just SCREAMED -PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!! the other party kept stumbling and they didnt make any sort of impact. this round, they fell flat.

*the best pic of them all! Icky& Tristan Annai!*

its amazing u know.. just when u think u know a person, they suprise u! we just celebrated our 3years & 5months anniversary on that day, and on that very day, I saw a whole different side of my boyfriend. I saw a man.

And if he doesnt win this, Monash is gonna be really, really and I mean really losing out on the Best. Damn. Thing. that cud ever happen to them!

so good luck babe! YOU WILL FOREVER BE MY PRESIDENT! *but dont forget, no matter how big & legendary you may be, I'll always the President of you! lol! ;p

SO PLEASE STILL VOTE FOR ME for the ANIMAX-SEVENTEEN Model Search contest!! I've got till 15th Sept, before voting closes! so please please please spread the word for me and vote vote vote!! get ur frens, ur family, ur cat to vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!