Friday, September 19, 2008


What a week!! i was busybusybusybusy with assignments this week! 4 due- so I was just stressed the whole time..

but its done! I had to make a Fashion Journal for Sociology and its a cool project la, but theres aload of researching for fashion history, influences etc to do.. n it is 30% of the coursework, so yeah! thank god its done, im ok with it la..

Design Management- both assignments are an effing waste of my time. this module is a waste of my time. scratch that- a waste of ALL our time and money. hate it. dont learn anything.

Business Management- both me & Tatz are pretty much done, so tats cool.. this module is pretty good, learn alot, its tough but we have a cool lecturer..

now...... im a bit freer but i still have to work on my Retailing final project, Music Genre for Sociology, and...... re-bloody-do the group assignment for Design Management coz shes not satisfied with out stuff.

on a lighter and Happier note........... I got called by Seventeen Mag! hahahha no, its not bout the contest,(reckon they'll only announce it on OCT!) but they're asking me to do a shoot with them- its like a story bout the effects of clubbing on our body and skin.. So its not some glamour one, but im still excited!!

although its on the same day as my Buss.Man class, I've already turned them down once, I cant let my dream to be featured in freakin SEVENTEEN Mag again! :) am exxcciiitteeeddd!!!

also, Ive just opened a Modeling Portfolio account, and its so great coz u get to connect wit models, photogs, stylist, etc from all over the world, and the happiest part is, I've been getting asked to do shoots from alot of people! =D so we'll see how tat works out! :)

And I Love you babeh!!!!!!!!,MUAXX!!! heheh just thought I'd say that. ok ill update soon with sumn better, but this is it for this few days! laaterrr!!!