Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Taste..

.. of things yet to come..

Im livid with happiness and satisfaction when I see these new shots!!! :D They're fun and I loved doing the shoot tat day, I felt like I really challenged myself and tried so many different poses and looks, and the end result: Great! :)
*Hippies Couture*

Im glad tat Bibs & I managed to have fun, experiment (lol! he painted the green stuff at first!), and we got some good shots! hehe! can't wait to get more pics from him bout the other concepts that we tried!!!!

oh n if u Haven't voted for me yet, PLEASE DO SO!!! I really wanna win this competition, I know it may be silly to some, but I've just always dreamed of being in Seventeen Magazine since I was 14, and... I just need this to happen so badly..... this could be a stepping stone for things to come...

SO PLEASE VOTE FOR ME for the Animax-Seventeen Model Search on

My darlingness Icky and his party didn't win the MUSA elections this year.... suucckkss big time... they only managed to get bout 7 posts i think.. ahh screw tat blog man. all the lies and hate in it were all mainly directed to one person, and the current party, and somehow innocent people get dragged into tat mess and this is the result.. aisshhh..

oh well, Icky's handling it well, he knows its nothing he can help, plus now he'll have more time for everything else and most of all, more time with me! :) gotta say la, I really did want him to win, badly, but all this MUSA stuff was taking a toll on our relationship..... Quality time is important la............ so maybe this is for the best? as far as I know, he's ok..


and now he can concentrate on his studies more as well as his music!! :) I've asked Rueben annai's friend, Adrian if he cud help out wit Icky's music and he said sure! so gotta get Icky to give him some of his stuff! :)

Anyhow, I went to the JoJoBa Spa in Times Square again yesterday! had 60% discount so yeah! took the 2 hour Ultimate Indulgence Spa which includes;

-Aromatherapy Massage, Ear Candling, Facial, Eye Mask & Ginger Tea....

oh goodness, it was soooooo good. n i slept off again! ahhhh... came back feeling all refreshed and oily and nice! lol!