Saturday, September 20, 2008

So So So

Songs of the week- Gym Class Heroes - COOKIE JAR. and also next is, Hed Kandi ft. Cascada- IT'S YOU, IT'S ME.
ahh im currently addicted to HED KANDI!! :) their coming to Malaysia and are gonna be playing at Euphoria on the 27th of Sept n I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!! :) cant believe how awesome their songs are!

SO do come to Euphoria on tat day, ur gonna regret it if ur not there!! n the admission is RM50.

also been listenin to Gym Class Heroes's new stuff, like Cookie Jar & Peace Sign/Index Down! these r pretty darn sweet man!
*Starry Eyed*

just gor some more shots from Bibo! :) im a happy girl! :)

wat do u think?

I had the randomest/wierdest yet happiest dream this morning! it was soo weird but strangely I was so happy during the whole thing, in fact everyone in my dream was, and I can remember everything about it!

Dreamt tat I was pregnant! lol and like, just about to give birth! hahaha I think I was bout, 20 in the dream, n was having a baby, n my parents were at the Hosp. wit me n they were so excited! haha Mal was so happy too! n I was so happy and excited that I was having a baby! weird kan? i kept thinking, 'this is gonna be so awesome! this feels so right..' n it did.. i dunno, i kept rubbin my belly, which btw was totally cute and big!! :) LOVED IT! :)

ahh was super excited.. then before my water even broke or b4 I even 'gave birth', I woke up................ :/ oh well.. i still felt so incredibly happy for some weird ass reason! lol! no idea how this thoughts came to my mind but yeah..

so go listen to the songs now and tell me bout ur weirdest/randomest dreams ppl! i dont care long or short, just TELL ME!