Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reach For the Stars

and if you fail at least you'll land among the clouds....

That's what I always believe in. You should never give up dreaming and having big plans for the future. If you make the effort to try to reach them, you'll always achieve something good out of it. Perhaps you won't always get what you want, but you'll discover new things or stumble upon new opportunities! :)

I've always had big plans for myself since I was a kid. Ask my family, I've always dreamed of being a model, of going away for foreign exchange studies, of being in the papers, of doing fashion and all sorts of silly-sounding things.. I mean I've had alot of crazy dreams.... BUT I've always strived for it..... and I will NEVER let anyone stand in the way, or tell me I cant achieve what I want coz Im not capable or wtv..

Look at what I've managed to accomplish so far. I always dreamt of going on a Foreign Exchange Trip since I was 8, and out of the 400+ ppl tat applied, I was one out the 38 chosen ones... I may not be a signed model yet... but at least I AM going somewhere with it.. Im not big, im practically a no one, but... Im slowing improving, learning more and achieving small dreams, slowly-but surely....

I've always wanted to do runways, n altho im too short, I still do fashion shows at college and next week, Im at The Attic, Bangsar for a Fashion Flirt event! and I've always dreamed of being in Seventeen mag one day, and this morning- I got to do a small shoot wit em! :) I'll be in the December issue!

The only person that can tell me tat Im not capable of achieving those things is myself. As long as I try my best, I'll be happy. Im not gonna listen to ppl or family members tat say; 'oh u should wear a padded push up bra la, then only nice....' like waaatt??? r u serious???

who said dreams are for losers? of course I do not get all tat I want.. God has yet to grant me with some nice boobs, but I'm very comfy in my own skin.. no car yet.. lots of things Tat I still dont have.. but im proud of myself for always trying my best.... :) So never give up ur dreams, sweeties..... and dont listen to those who just dont believe in you!!! listen to ur heart.

They may not always be the path that you choose, but If u make an effort to achieve them, u never know... :)

So this is me after the shoot today! :) I was so in the mood for a 'Lena Fujii'-esque camwhore session, n I still had my make-up from this morning on, so pardon me! lol! I haven't camwhored in the longest time ever, n my skills r severely lacking, but this is what I came up with so far.. hehehehe



stupigo said...

i'll give u an A+ in Camwhoring hun... lol... veryyy pretty shots

Kelsey Bunny said...

hahaha thanks thanks! practice much! lol