Monday, September 8, 2008

Strawberry Fields

So today was a bad day- turned Good!! :)

I had to go to college for a replacement class and for some reason I thought that it was at 9.30. so when i got to class n saw no one, i started bitchin la, complainin bout our stupid lecturer and called a fren, n then i saw Taps at the corridor, so we started talkin.. THEN it hit me- Class was at 2.......... 0_0 i banged my head against the wall. sigh

so didnt wanna drive all the way back home, n I ended up chillin at the plaza wit Taps, and we talked and talked about anything and EVERYTHING! haha from relationships to class, to family and love, and music and movies and Zimbabwe and EVERY thing! hahhahahha it was soo good! we sat there from 10am - 2pm!! felt great to chill with one of my closest frens in college, since I havent seen him much.. :)

then went to class to see tat crap lecturer, who still is crap coz she thinks we're 12years old. wtv.

came home and indulged in HUMONGOUSAURUS strawberries!! largest I've ever seen, by far!! :) n htey were super yummy n sweet!! :) oh I LOVE Strawberries!

tried to stain my lips wit them n make it all red but it didnt work. all i did was get bits of strawberry stuck between my teeth! hehehehe!



HunsBuns said...

eat more they whiten your teeth!

Kelsey Bunny said...


HunsBuns said...

yup..the acidity of the fruit does it