Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Collegeness & Movie Reviews



So this is my college! Im always amazed by its beauty whenever i see it in the morning! Had a pretty good day! hahah went to class for only 1 hour today n then i was free!! hung out in the Plaza wit Kim n peeps till Mal came n the 3 of us went to lunch!
Nothin much has been happenin but i finally got my timetable settled!!! YAY!!

MON- Life Drawing 2 (9-wtv)
TUE- Creative Studies 2 (9.30 - wtv)
WED- Malaysian Studies (9-12) & History of Art (12-1)-lecture (2-3)-tutorial (optional attendance)
THUR- Photography 1 (9-12) & Communication Studies 2 (2-wtv)
FRI- Design Studies 2 (9-wtv)

SO its pretty jam packed la... classes non stop!!! n the assignments i tell u.. started addy la! hahah but im lovin it!

Oh n i caught 2 movies this week!!
The 1st one was


its starring Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox & Forest Whitaker.
This movie is, definately unique! its bout a summit that is goin on in Spain, n the President of the USA goes to give a speech, he has his body guard on the look out, but ends up gettin shot and a bomb explodes.

The twist of the story is tat after the bomb explodes, the film stops n rewinds to 11:59 where it now shows the incident thru someone else's point of view. n then it happens again! it stops n goes thru another person's point of view! n they are all really interestin in their own way. Now, yes, it does get a bit irritating after the 5th time, but there is only 8 point of views and TRUST ME!!!! THIS MOVIE IS HELLUVA GOOD!! the action and storyline and just how it all ties up together in the end is amaazing!! the director did a brilliant job on this! do check it out if u can!!! its really really awesome!! :D

next movie i caught yesterday nite was coz i won 4 free tickets, so just watched la. its called


Now this movie is cute. it's starring
John Cusack, Amanda Peet & Joan Cusack. In this movie, John plays widower David Gordon who is a sci-fi writer and geek. He just lost his wife, but b4 she died they wanted to adopt a kid. so he met this lil boy who says tat he's from MARS. this boy, DENNIS, is a real weirdo, he stays in a box coz he's scared of the sunlight n is bullied.

David sees alot of himself in this kid n decides to adopt him. They have a tough time adapting to 1 another, this movie shows the love a new parent shows to his kid.

i thought tat this movie was cute n real sweet! its not WOW-TASTIC, but its one of those movies u watch on a lazy afternoon u know? its a feel good movie! just sweet to watch them bond! so perhaps catch it if ur in the mood for a relaxing sweet easy paced movie!

I gotsta run!! Lunch wit Misha in Bangsar!!


Monday, February 25, 2008

2nd sem of college begins!

Wow! I cant believe i was back in college again today! it felt really really awesome to be back in the plaza, to sit around, n most of all to see my awesome friends again!! :D

So I got my scheduele n u know wat?? it sucks moldy ass!! madness i tell u! i have bloody Life Drawing 2 on monday 9-5 and then History of Art(tutorial) 5-8!! ahhhhh!!!! i mean my classes will not end at tat time, it always ends earlier but still! tats crazy!! n i cant tell u bout my other classes coz i lost my scheduele! hahhah ;p way to start the year!

but it really was awesome to hang out wit my favourite ppl again! :D laughin, gossiping, checkin out who's hot n who's not n our usual insanities!! (in KG's case: crack! crack! crack! crack! crack! crack!) hahhaha

but then again. someone wont even say hi.... tat sucks. u dont have to talk to me. but if u walk past me, just say hi la... not askin for much... sigh....

other than tat, my cousin sister Kris left today.. :( sucks moldy ass too.. im gonna miss her.. was fun havin her around! i had someone to talk nonsense to n talk bout probs wit n scheme ( other than my boyfie la of course!) lol! but she'll be back in March for a week so it wont be too bad... sigh...

This is a pic of Me, HANNAH & KRIS! this was in India in Dec 05...
Hannah is not doing too well.... sigh.. still praying hard....

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gettin in touch wit 1/2 of my Roots

Hey guys!! heheh i really hope ur LOVING my song of the week! its called "CHAIYYA CHAIYYA" n ts a Hindi song from the Hindi movie, DIL SE!

now i have to say, this is one of my fav Hindi songs n for some reason i just feel like puttin it up for those of u who havent heard it yet! hehe i feel like since im a CHINDIAN (my mom is Malaysian- Chinese & my dad is Malaysian- Indian = chindian!! ;p ) i shud be representing my race lol!! i have yet to find a really good chinese song to put up but maybe at the end of next week k? hahahha gimme some ideas??

so i was bored n you-tubing this afternoon, n i was just watchin all the old Hindi music vids tat i love! eg- "Maahi Ve- From Kal Ho Na Ho", "Chaiyya Chaiyya - from Dil Se", "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" n so on! its just good to watch them since i used to be a fan when i was younger la! haha
oh well! :D
i got a call from Preeta today. she was tellin me tat her bro is openin up a modelling agency n asked me to join! so im excited bout tat! its gonna be an online agency n the site will be up in APRIL, so rite now i have to go to their studio 1day, to shoot a portfolio! YAYS!!! very excited n nervous at the same time bout tat!

other than tat... sigh.....
my family has recently got some terrible news, bout 2 weeks ago we found out tat my cousin, Hannah who lives in New Zealand, had some growth in her brain. we thought tat it was just scar tissues but the scans showed tat it was quite bad n to our entire family's shock, we just found out yesterday tat its cancer...... :S n they cant operate, coz its in the middle of her brain, so they're gonna start Radiation & Chemotherpy soon n tat will take bout 6 weeks... She just turned 18 on Thursday (21nd Feb).....

this just sucks u know... i mean, we all prayed hard for her, my entire family, but we just didnt expect this, u know? i thought its gonna be one of those things they can treat easily... it was just really not a nice way to wake up. mom called me at 9am yesterday morn n told me she has cancer... i dunno la... the whole day all i can think about is her.. n my entire family is also very upset... n im soo worried bout my grandparents la, esp my grandma- she worries n stresses out too much, somemore she has heart probs... im scared bout how this is affecting her, u know... i just cant imagine anything happenin to Hannah! she's sucha fun, craazy, loving, bubbly n great cousin to be around, u know...

Please pray for her.. please? her name is Hannah Agent.. it doesnt matter if ur a Christian, Bhuddist, Hindu, Muslim, please just pray for her..

wow! this post started off soo happy n bubbly n ended in a sad tone... sorry guys... i love you all for being faithful readers.. take care! ill be bubbly again the next time!


Friday, February 22, 2008

Boobie Matters

I was going thru my lingerie drawer the other day n i came across my old trainin bra tat i had kept, jsut coz i loved it's innocence & comfort. N i decided to try it on, n not to my suprise it still fit. yay kel. good goin on the growin process.


Yes, im 1 of those who are not blessed wit "big Sisters" like some ppl i know, but hey tats just me. Got me thinkin how come us women (n men too!) are just obsessed wit boob sizes. We always seem to want Bigger, curvier, jucier mamas, -always

I'm not gonna lie n say tat i do not join tat group, yes, i always do wish tat God did bless me wit bigger boobs, n i think tats is the only body flaw I see on my body (not to brag but i do absolutely LOVE my body to bits!) it aint perfect i know, n mite not be the 'ideal' body, but its mine.. I'm absolutely ADDICTED TO lingerie! really! i have a lingerie fetish! lol! BUt God did make me this way, n try as i have over the years to have bigger mamas they never work out.

But u know wats funny? some days i can be pretty 'body concious' about it, n go on this self pity n 'im-ugly' spree, n some other days, im DARN rite proud of my body! weird huh?

i noticed tat whenever i wear bikinis, although tats the moment i am most 'exposed', those are the times im like "ah who cares?" n totally walk out confidently, not caring wat ppl mite think. if ur gonna judge me based on my body, do i really wanna know u??

So yeah, i've come to a point where, yes, id love if my boobs were bigger, but for now, IM PROUD of wat i have n whoever said u have to have boobs to look good?? im livin proof tat u can still be stylish n flaunt wtv assets u have n still look good!

plus, there are many advantages of havin small boobs!
u can wear halters, tubes, or low necklines without lookin like a total slut, u dont suffer from backaches, u dont have to worry bout runnin n them goin 'kadoinka doink doink' around!

So yeah! I'm not gonna let ppl tell me tat "u shud wear push up bras n make them look nicer la" coz im accepting my body for wat it is.

And you should too.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Holy Cow This Is HILARIOUS!!

OOOMMYYYYJEESUS!!!!!!!! this is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

watch this! hah n yes pls pause my music player 1st! so if ur familiar to Tamil music videos, we all know how hilarious they sound la rite? n esp the weird dances around the coconut tree, n all nonsense, most of the time (ok all the time) i dont understand wat the heck they say la, coz its in Tamil n waay too high pitched, but THIS IS AMMAAZING!!

haha the video is seriously NOT TRANSLATED! some dude had just added in his lyrics of wat the song sounds like in English, n i swear!! hahahha my sides are aching from laughin so much! loL! n the best part is tat after watchin it, u actually only "hear" it in English in ur mind! hahhahh


seriously laaaa... hahahahahhaha tell me wat u think k?????

this is wat we did at Andrew's CNY open house! Mal, Hanie, n 2 other ppl whose names i dont know were just chillin out inside in room n lauuuggghiin like mad, watchin videos, (reactions to stupid 2girls 1cup) n these nonsense la!! hahahah been really enjoyin hangin out wit them la!

yesterday went to TGI.Fridays in Pyramid n the ruckus we createdddddd! hahahh lets just say tat i wont be suprised if were not let back in there la! hahhahha


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Like We Always Do It This Time

I got for mine, i gotsta shine,

Now throw ur hands up in the skyyyyyyy!!!

Welcome to the good life!

So yesterday, Mal performed in Monash Uni for the orientation thingy for their new batch n although it was just a lil thingy, he did an AMAAAZING job!! HE performed his own mix of "The Way We Are + Drop It Like Its Hot + Stronger! The twist was for the beat "the way we are" he rapped using his own lyrics (which rocked!) n for the beat "drop it like its hot" he rapped Lupe Fiasco's I GOTCHA lyrics..
he also did a spontaneous collabo wit FREELOADER n they did WHERE IS THE LOVE? =D

am soo proud of him! he's an awesome rapper/artist/performer! lol! n so far he performs ppl's songs, but he's also written 2 of his own songs so far n performed them, to which he's gotten many GREAT reviews!
now he's got new beats n tons of lyrics of his own, so he's gonna start gettin the songs done! i CANT WAIT!!!

other than tat,im craaaaaviiiinn for some Ben & Jerry's Choc Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream!!!!!! please Jesus!! give me some!!!!! they cost like RM37.90 for a small tub! like hooooollyyy crap!! tats expeensive la!!! but oh well, ill just settle for Baskin Robbin's Choc Chip cookie dough... its awesome enuf n cost less!! muaxxiiesss
perhaps i wanna be a supermodel one day.... maybe.. its a dream of course, but if i dont be, i'll be cool wit tat....
random. i know. blehh


Saturday, February 16, 2008


Wow! i have to say that i had the best Valentines Day EVER!! :D I shall spare u the details, so ill make it as brief n cut short the story! lol!

Me n Mal went over to MidValley to watch a movie but they had the longest lines in the world, so screw tat plan. We spent the whole time walkin around n just havin a blast n then got to Tony Roma's coz i've been dying for some Ribs, but the freakin place was only servin sets n for each person it cost RM89.90!!!! like wat the heck man?? just becoz its Valentines Day doesnt mean u have to run some Super Con-Job la rite? Same story wit San Francisco Steakhouse, Italliani's (RM69.90), n Chilli's was overcrowded.

So we found a GREAT lil quiet restaurant hidden in THE Gardens - god i love tat place! n it served the normal menu wit delicious (OH MY GOD!) food!! :D its called CHINOZ n omg!! seriously! the food rocked!! had Sauteed Mushrooms, Seafood Pizza n Grilled Chicken wit Mushroom sauce! yummy!! im soo happy we ate there, n it was actually the 1st actual Dinner-Date- Valentines i've had wit Mal! hehe then we got A banana Split @ Baskin Robbins n get this, WE met up wit Andrew n some other frens over at Sg.Wang's GREEN BOX for.... KARAOKE!!!!!!

hahha was soooo random rite??? but we didnt sing la, ok, Mal sang 3 songs but i didnt! hahaha then we got home!! :D im sooo happy n absolutely LOVIN my V'Day's gift from him (n vice versa!) I really have the best boyfriend in the world la! :D
I just got back from Pavillion after meetin up wit some of my buddies that i went to The States wit! :D was sooo great to see them after soo long! Aarthi, Azhan, Tim, Trisha, Ken, Colin n the b'day girl, Joyce was there!!! :D We had such a great time chattin n just updatin each other wit life happenins n laughin n being lame! hahah i dunno why but i was just in this lame mood la! was lame the whole day.. sigh... im PMSing! lol! seriously!

But we had drinks, cam-whored (DUUH!!!), n ate in the food court in Pavillion which absolutely rocks!!! btw, try the Pasta Carbonara in the food court! its freakin awesommeeeee!!!! n then i ciaoed la!

hehe great week la, really extraordinarily GREAT week~ :D
how was yours??


Friday, February 15, 2008

The Indian Punk Shoot!

First off i wanna wish u guys a Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I'll fill in on the details next post!!

ahhh i cant believe it wei! in the last paragraph of my last post i had said tat i wanted to do a shoot, rite? well bout few hours after i posted tat up, i got a msg from KG asking me to do a shoot the very next day! fuyooooo gila happy i tell u!!

i was like "waaaaaaaahhhh!! next time i shud blog bout how badly i want a Chanel purse or sumn!" hehhehhee

So me & KG did a shoot, n the 1st one was wit an Indian Classical Dancer make up theme thingy but with a modern twist! :D So the make-up (by KG of course) was super thick n fierce! then he wrapped me in a red saree in a diff way n i had my peacock feathers n accessories n we shot in the stairway, the balcony n in all sorts of pos!

the 2nd shoot was a kinda punk rock themed shoot. He put me in a black tank, skinny jeans, red bead accerssories n chokers n more n then, HE WET ME!! hahahah yeah he poured water all over my hair n body to get the look! :D this was shot in the balcony n the effects were awesome!

All in all, we shot for only bout 3 hours so not much time but we squeezed as much as we cud n got 200 shots!! :D So he's edited a few n put them up on his Flickr site, check it out -

ID LOVE ur feedback on the pics!! :D lemme know!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Forth Sex!

For real!! i learnt something new whilst reading Marie Claire Feb'07 !! HOLYYY crap!! if u thought havin Transexuals & Bisexuals lurkin around was enuf confusion, now u gotta worry if ur into an, im not kiddin, ASEXUAL!!!

now i always thought tat worms n microorganisms or wtv we learnt in bio class were asexuals, but now apparently a study conducted showed that 1% of the world's population were asexual.
Now WAT EXACTLY is an ASEXUAL?? well an ASEXUAL is a person who lacks sexual desires/fantasies/romance. They are neither homosexual, or bisexual, they are also not CELIBATE. celibacy is the choice to not have any sexual relations, but it is a self made choice. apparently Asexuals are born with no desire for the carnal flesh! (cheh! dont i sound cool?)

WEIRD!!! i mean i cant imagine a life where i wouldn't want someone to love n live with forever n start a family with! tat'll just be sooo............. lonely....

oh well if u dont believe me, or want to read up more on it, go to

Guess now ppl who wanna pick up chicks (or guys) have to not only ask "r u single?" but also "r u straight, gay, bi or Asexual??" LOL!!!!!!!!

at the moment im real bored... I wanna do another photoshoot la... miss it soo much.. might be doin 1 with Camille soon tho! so lookin 4ward to tat! :D anyway, found a new pic from my previous shoot wit Bibo, n i loved it! so thought id share! :D

goin shoppin tomoro to Sg.Wang again!! hehehe goin with Sha so its gonna be interesting! lol!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Notebook kinda love

My favouritest (yes i said favouritest) romance movie of all time has got to be The Notebook, starring Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling.

I've watched it over 12 times to-date and still, every time i watch it, i NEVER fail to cry... :(

There's just something sooo.. spectacular, entrancing and hopeful feeling i always seem to get from this movie.. If u've never seen this movie, then u HAVE TO!! goodness the whole story is amaaazing!! But yeah, im not gonna review the movie today..

In this post i wanna talk bout how love has evolved thru time.....
I dunno...i just think tat if u really think about it, why is it tat love is soo complicated nowadays.. Like now ppl tend to base their love for a person, or whether they wanna marry tat person on soo many complicated issues nowadays. Which i totally understand, since i do the same but just why??

Back in the old days, Like our grandparents days, i think love was so easy.. it was straight to the point.. eg- a couple who are in a relationship for a while, can just decide to spend the rest of their lives together without even thinkin bout "oh does he love me enuf to walk the earth for me", "Would he make enuf $$ to support us?", just all these questions tat we put our relationships to the tests now.. it was soo easy, a no brainer n ppl wud just be together 4eva.. most of the time anyways..

WHY is it tho tat now its soo........complicated...... i think tat now every1 just tends to ask not particularly just enjoy their relationships, but they always try to pry and test how much their partners truly love each other.... dont get me wrong, i do it too.... but why??
could it be tat we have become 'smarter'? tat now we have experts at relationships who tell us how to analyze our relationships n all those stupid (but fun!) quizzes on "do u belong with each other??" yet with all this 'expert advice', isn't it ironic tat the Divorce rates have risen drasticallY??? hmmm.......... its just sad tat something so pure and everlasting is sooo complicated nowadays...

I guess just watchin The Notebook again, n watchin how Noah & Allie's love was sooo strong, n soo pure, that it just lasted their whole life! that it was even soo powerful to take them away together..... sigh... its just sweet tot hink tat even when ur 80+ years old, couples can still be soo in love...

I hope i get that!
:D Me & Mal are at a great moment in our relationship, we celebrated our 2 Years & 10 Months anniversary on the 9th Feb.... it was... amazing! n just unbelievable tat we've managed to come so far even thru so much crap.... im just sooo happy tat we're back together.. :D
anyway, i leave u guys now, do me a favor! watch this INCREDBLE movie, n also listen to this song: I'll Be Seeing You by Jimmy Dulante (also sung by Billy Holiday). its from the movie n it *puts a twinkle in ur eye

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lydia, My American!



Lydia was one of my bestest friends when i was in the States. She was a junior at tat time but we were still real tight! prolly coz our lockers were int he same hallway! haha but i 1st remember meeting her in Bible class, she told me the chapter of the bible. also remember her being really friendly and helpful during my 1st week, so naturally we became buds!!!

Also, Heather, Beverly, Rania, Lydia n me were sorta all in the same locler hallway, so we just hung out alot of the times in between classes n we totally hit it off! See, when i was in the States, i didnt wanna just have 1 group of frens, i wanted to mix around as much as i cud wit every1 in the whole school (which i can PROUDLY say i did! hehe well at least most of the kids) n so in the Junior class, these were my closest pals!

Lydia n me just had soooo many good moments!! heheh From singin "GET LOW by Lil Jon" in the hallways, dancing around, Eating TWIZZLERS!!!!!, she buying me n painting my face on Senior Servant Day, walking over to Rita's for ices, me runnin like mad to Wawa's to pee, us+ Heather rolling down the hill n laughing histerically, :D :)

I even remember tat on my 18th Birthday in Lehigh Valley Christian High School, she baked me a whole batch of YUMMY Choc chip cookies n made me a mixed CD!! -which i still listen to! She was always there for me when i needed a fren, esp thru some confusing and sad moments while i was there, n we just talked soo much!
i miss her like hell..... :'(

so i called her this mornin to talk to her n wish her n it just made my day! no idea how great it feels to talk to some1 close from my 2nd Home.... i guess i jsut miss it n think bout it alot, coz it really was my dream since i was 8 u know, n it just whizzed past me.. so yeah....
But this is just dedicated to her!

Lydia, my American, I LOVE YOU SOO INCREDIBLY MUCH!! have a GREAT day hun! :D

*Ur Malaysian*

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Weekend

What a great weekend!! Had an awesome Friday nite hanging out wit some of my fav peeps! :D

It was wat I've decided to call "COUPLE's NIGHT!"
So no suprises, tat it was Me, Mal, Sha & Shafiq! We decided to go to HARD ROCK CAFE, K.L for dinner! it was fun! was a 1st time there for all of us, cept 4 Mal, so it was pretty exciting! Apparently there's only 1 Hard Rock Cafe in each city, ( n only 1 in Msia so far la!) - the whole place is decorated with Rock& Roll Memorabilia n the music is, DUH! Rock & Roll! was real good tho! Food is kinda pricey (drinks r pricey too!) but they do serve Big American portions la.. Only thing tho, is tat it was filled wit older ppl, like ppl who are 26-56, so was a bit weird! nevertheless we did have fun n took tons of pics. Sadly tho, we cudnt stay for the live band coz we had to be 21 for tat, n only Mal was eligible.. sucks....

Then we decided to head to Starhill to eat Ice Cream at LECKA-LECKA!!!!!! oh how much i LOVE tat place!! exp the one in Starhill rocks la! the atmosphere n all tat! So we got our YUMMYYYYYY ice cream (its my fav!) n sat around, ate, laughed n made a TONNN of noise! hahhaha also took mucho-mucho pics! lol! ;p
OF course, we cudnt resist n had to take pics in front of Louis Vuitton and in various parts of the Starhill restaurant areas la! hahah god, me & sha r real cam-whores i tell u! :D

N after tat, bout 12.30am, headed to PASSION Club in K.L ( near Aloha, & Rum Jungle). One of Shafiq's frens got us in, coz it was apparently 25+ club ( since when r there 25+ clubs??) but yeah it was sooo cool!! it has got to be the most GORGEOUS clubs in KL!
1st off, its HUGE!!
2ndly, it has really pretty deco n a freakin Pool!! :D
3rdly, its kinda divided to many different sections,
4th- Hip-Hop & RnB rules the ground floor, where its really really crowded wit working aged ppl
5th, if ur into House music, go upstairs to 2nd floor n it has gorgeous lounges n all!
6th, the ground floor is kinda open air, meanin u have very good air circulation, n its open air in certain parts, so its not smoky, u can breathe well! lol!

Dancin there was GREAT! although it was a bit too crowded on the dance floor, u cud move to diff parts n still dance n have a kick-ass time! ;D Left at bout 2.40am n had to skip our routine Mamak eating times coz i had to get home! loL! so luckily got home by bout 3.20am, n was well tired man!! :D a great nite! so do check out this club if u can!! :D

Other than tat, i went to Sg. Wang n got a cute satin dress for RM15!! seriously! a top for RM15 n another cute Nautical top for RM19! see, THIS IS WHY I LOVE Sg.Wang!!!! :D:D

Friday, February 1, 2008

Movie Reviews!

Let's just say i've been very free this week! Well, yeah i have been! went out wit Mal, Sha & Shafiq much, also wit Liz for dinner! Managed to catch 3 movies this week n 2 of them being ones tat i've wanted to watch for quite a while now! Lets start with the 1st one.

As u would know by now, its starring Johnny Depp (oh soo delicious!), Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman (Snape from Harry Potter) & Timothy Spall (Peter Pettigrew also from Harry Potter). This movie was directed by Tim Burton who has done other incredible movies like Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas & The Corpse Bride. Actually, this story was a broadway show, therefore the whole movies is a musical! :D I absolutely LOVE musicals, not everyone does, but if ur the kinda person who appreciates them, ud definitely LOVE this movie as well!

Johnny Depp plays the character Sweeney Todd / Benjamin Barker, who had returned from jail after being sentenced for a crime he did not commit for 15 years. he comes home to find tat his wife n daughter had been taken away by the evil Judge Turpin. He meets Mrs.Lovett, who owns the Pie shop below his Barber Shop n together they scheme on HIS revenge.....
This movie is full of songs, blood, darkness and erm...more blood! hahhahahah i didnt think it was gory, but just real... ewwww... ah but definitely laughter here n there! OH n also Sacha Baron Cohen ( ALI G) makes an appearance! ;P i think the movie was actually really sad tho.. i jsut felt so sorry for Todd.... Nevertheless, a FANTASTIC movie to watch! it got nominated 17times! n 3 of those are OSCARS! :D if u love musicals, or if u just cant stop droolin at Johnny, WATCH THIS!!!!

You must be livin under a rock if u havent heard of this movie! It's starring Keira Knighty as Cecilia Tallis, James McAvoy (new hottie in town!!!!) as Robbie & Saoirse Ronan as 13 yr-old Briony Tallis. The Atonement is actually a novel written by Ian McEwan set in the 1930's in Britain. Oh! also, if u enjoyed The Pride & Prejudice, u'd love this movie too, as its directed by the same director, Joe Wright.

It tells the story of how 13 yr-old Briony Tallis saw something thry her bedroom window n misunderstood it. heck, REALLY misunderstood it! That event led to other events n soon, Robbie was being taken away n sentenced for a crime he did not commit (aha!). Cecilia, his lover was also greatly devastated! 5 years later, the film shows Him as a soldier n Cecilia as a Nurse. its clear tat such a small misunderstanding had GREATLY changed the whole family's life forever.. and all because little Briony misjudged something... sigh...
The whole movie is just soo incredibly beautiful! The scenary, the costumes, the movie..ahhh!! beautiful! it really is different too! the way the story is told... ah! god! i HATE Briony soo much! ugh! but wtv, this movie is a must see! Romance n tears at the end are....... very very possible! so jsut had a box of tissues on standby yeah? hehe No wonder this movie has had 58 nominations from various awards, (7 being Oscars & 14 being BAFTAs!) need to watch this movie guys!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!

neff..... comedy.... Starring Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah & Katie Holmes. This movie is about Bridget (Keaton) finds out that her n her husband are in a huge debt. She has to abandon her wealthy lifestyle and.. *gulps* get a job as a cleaner in the Federal Bank in Kansas! so one day as she's cleanin she gets an idea to steal the money tat is being sent to be destroyed (cos its old, torn n just worn out-all the banks in the world do this). So she teams up wit Nina (Latifah) & Jackie (Holmes) n together the 3 of them manage to smuggle out THOUSANDS of Dollars!!
This movie is just ur average comedy, simple with nothing to shout bout. Funny in parts tho! i say this is one of those movies u get a Pirated DVD n watch wit ur frens when ur utterly bored n in the mood for a laugh! so yeah, guess its just average la!

Well hope ya enjoyed my movie reviews! :D had soo much fun watchin them tho! n will be watchin THE ATONEMENT again la! LOVED IT!!! :D so do try to catch the 2 top mentioned ones! its soo awesome n lemme know wat u think!!!!! thanks ya'll!
Will be going out to HARD ROCK CAFE & PASSION CLUB tonite!!!!!!! :D:D