Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Forth Sex!

For real!! i learnt something new whilst reading Marie Claire Feb'07 !! HOLYYY crap!! if u thought havin Transexuals & Bisexuals lurkin around was enuf confusion, now u gotta worry if ur into an, im not kiddin, ASEXUAL!!!

now i always thought tat worms n microorganisms or wtv we learnt in bio class were asexuals, but now apparently a study conducted showed that 1% of the world's population were asexual.
Now WAT EXACTLY is an ASEXUAL?? well an ASEXUAL is a person who lacks sexual desires/fantasies/romance. They are neither homosexual, or bisexual, they are also not CELIBATE. celibacy is the choice to not have any sexual relations, but it is a self made choice. apparently Asexuals are born with no desire for the carnal flesh! (cheh! dont i sound cool?)

WEIRD!!! i mean i cant imagine a life where i wouldn't want someone to love n live with forever n start a family with! tat'll just be sooo............. lonely....

oh well if u dont believe me, or want to read up more on it, go to

Guess now ppl who wanna pick up chicks (or guys) have to not only ask "r u single?" but also "r u straight, gay, bi or Asexual??" LOL!!!!!!!!

at the moment im real bored... I wanna do another photoshoot la... miss it soo much.. might be doin 1 with Camille soon tho! so lookin 4ward to tat! :D anyway, found a new pic from my previous shoot wit Bibo, n i loved it! so thought id share! :D

goin shoppin tomoro to Sg.Wang again!! hehehe goin with Sha so its gonna be interesting! lol!