Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gettin in touch wit 1/2 of my Roots

Hey guys!! heheh i really hope ur LOVING my song of the week! its called "CHAIYYA CHAIYYA" n ts a Hindi song from the Hindi movie, DIL SE!

now i have to say, this is one of my fav Hindi songs n for some reason i just feel like puttin it up for those of u who havent heard it yet! hehe i feel like since im a CHINDIAN (my mom is Malaysian- Chinese & my dad is Malaysian- Indian = chindian!! ;p ) i shud be representing my race lol!! i have yet to find a really good chinese song to put up but maybe at the end of next week k? hahahha gimme some ideas??

so i was bored n you-tubing this afternoon, n i was just watchin all the old Hindi music vids tat i love! eg- "Maahi Ve- From Kal Ho Na Ho", "Chaiyya Chaiyya - from Dil Se", "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" n so on! its just good to watch them since i used to be a fan when i was younger la! haha
oh well! :D
i got a call from Preeta today. she was tellin me tat her bro is openin up a modelling agency n asked me to join! so im excited bout tat! its gonna be an online agency n the site will be up in APRIL, so rite now i have to go to their studio 1day, to shoot a portfolio! YAYS!!! very excited n nervous at the same time bout tat!

other than tat... sigh.....
my family has recently got some terrible news, bout 2 weeks ago we found out tat my cousin, Hannah who lives in New Zealand, had some growth in her brain. we thought tat it was just scar tissues but the scans showed tat it was quite bad n to our entire family's shock, we just found out yesterday tat its cancer...... :S n they cant operate, coz its in the middle of her brain, so they're gonna start Radiation & Chemotherpy soon n tat will take bout 6 weeks... She just turned 18 on Thursday (21nd Feb).....

this just sucks u know... i mean, we all prayed hard for her, my entire family, but we just didnt expect this, u know? i thought its gonna be one of those things they can treat easily... it was just really not a nice way to wake up. mom called me at 9am yesterday morn n told me she has cancer... i dunno la... the whole day all i can think about is her.. n my entire family is also very upset... n im soo worried bout my grandparents la, esp my grandma- she worries n stresses out too much, somemore she has heart probs... im scared bout how this is affecting her, u know... i just cant imagine anything happenin to Hannah! she's sucha fun, craazy, loving, bubbly n great cousin to be around, u know...

Please pray for her.. please? her name is Hannah Agent.. it doesnt matter if ur a Christian, Bhuddist, Hindu, Muslim, please just pray for her..

wow! this post started off soo happy n bubbly n ended in a sad tone... sorry guys... i love you all for being faithful readers.. take care! ill be bubbly again the next time!