Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Notebook kinda love

My favouritest (yes i said favouritest) romance movie of all time has got to be The Notebook, starring Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling.

I've watched it over 12 times to-date and still, every time i watch it, i NEVER fail to cry... :(

There's just something sooo.. spectacular, entrancing and hopeful feeling i always seem to get from this movie.. If u've never seen this movie, then u HAVE TO!! goodness the whole story is amaaazing!! But yeah, im not gonna review the movie today..

In this post i wanna talk bout how love has evolved thru time.....
I dunno...i just think tat if u really think about it, why is it tat love is soo complicated nowadays.. Like now ppl tend to base their love for a person, or whether they wanna marry tat person on soo many complicated issues nowadays. Which i totally understand, since i do the same but just why??

Back in the old days, Like our grandparents days, i think love was so easy.. it was straight to the point.. eg- a couple who are in a relationship for a while, can just decide to spend the rest of their lives together without even thinkin bout "oh does he love me enuf to walk the earth for me", "Would he make enuf $$ to support us?", just all these questions tat we put our relationships to the tests now.. it was soo easy, a no brainer n ppl wud just be together 4eva.. most of the time anyways..

WHY is it tho tat now its soo........complicated...... i think tat now every1 just tends to ask not particularly just enjoy their relationships, but they always try to pry and test how much their partners truly love each other.... dont get me wrong, i do it too.... but why??
could it be tat we have become 'smarter'? tat now we have experts at relationships who tell us how to analyze our relationships n all those stupid (but fun!) quizzes on "do u belong with each other??" yet with all this 'expert advice', isn't it ironic tat the Divorce rates have risen drasticallY??? hmmm.......... its just sad tat something so pure and everlasting is sooo complicated nowadays...

I guess just watchin The Notebook again, n watchin how Noah & Allie's love was sooo strong, n soo pure, that it just lasted their whole life! that it was even soo powerful to take them away together..... sigh... its just sweet tot hink tat even when ur 80+ years old, couples can still be soo in love...

I hope i get that!
:D Me & Mal are at a great moment in our relationship, we celebrated our 2 Years & 10 Months anniversary on the 9th Feb.... it was... amazing! n just unbelievable tat we've managed to come so far even thru so much crap.... im just sooo happy tat we're back together.. :D
anyway, i leave u guys now, do me a favor! watch this INCREDBLE movie, n also listen to this song: I'll Be Seeing You by Jimmy Dulante (also sung by Billy Holiday). its from the movie n it *puts a twinkle in ur eye