Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Collegeness & Movie Reviews



So this is my college! Im always amazed by its beauty whenever i see it in the morning! Had a pretty good day! hahah went to class for only 1 hour today n then i was free!! hung out in the Plaza wit Kim n peeps till Mal came n the 3 of us went to lunch!
Nothin much has been happenin but i finally got my timetable settled!!! YAY!!

MON- Life Drawing 2 (9-wtv)
TUE- Creative Studies 2 (9.30 - wtv)
WED- Malaysian Studies (9-12) & History of Art (12-1)-lecture (2-3)-tutorial (optional attendance)
THUR- Photography 1 (9-12) & Communication Studies 2 (2-wtv)
FRI- Design Studies 2 (9-wtv)

SO its pretty jam packed la... classes non stop!!! n the assignments i tell u.. started addy la! hahah but im lovin it!

Oh n i caught 2 movies this week!!
The 1st one was


its starring Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox & Forest Whitaker.
This movie is, definately unique! its bout a summit that is goin on in Spain, n the President of the USA goes to give a speech, he has his body guard on the look out, but ends up gettin shot and a bomb explodes.

The twist of the story is tat after the bomb explodes, the film stops n rewinds to 11:59 where it now shows the incident thru someone else's point of view. n then it happens again! it stops n goes thru another person's point of view! n they are all really interestin in their own way. Now, yes, it does get a bit irritating after the 5th time, but there is only 8 point of views and TRUST ME!!!! THIS MOVIE IS HELLUVA GOOD!! the action and storyline and just how it all ties up together in the end is amaazing!! the director did a brilliant job on this! do check it out if u can!!! its really really awesome!! :D

next movie i caught yesterday nite was coz i won 4 free tickets, so just watched la. its called


Now this movie is cute. it's starring
John Cusack, Amanda Peet & Joan Cusack. In this movie, John plays widower David Gordon who is a sci-fi writer and geek. He just lost his wife, but b4 she died they wanted to adopt a kid. so he met this lil boy who says tat he's from MARS. this boy, DENNIS, is a real weirdo, he stays in a box coz he's scared of the sunlight n is bullied.

David sees alot of himself in this kid n decides to adopt him. They have a tough time adapting to 1 another, this movie shows the love a new parent shows to his kid.

i thought tat this movie was cute n real sweet! its not WOW-TASTIC, but its one of those movies u watch on a lazy afternoon u know? its a feel good movie! just sweet to watch them bond! so perhaps catch it if ur in the mood for a relaxing sweet easy paced movie!

I gotsta run!! Lunch wit Misha in Bangsar!!