Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Holy Cow This Is HILARIOUS!!

OOOMMYYYYJEESUS!!!!!!!! this is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

watch this! hah n yes pls pause my music player 1st! so if ur familiar to Tamil music videos, we all know how hilarious they sound la rite? n esp the weird dances around the coconut tree, n all nonsense, most of the time (ok all the time) i dont understand wat the heck they say la, coz its in Tamil n waay too high pitched, but THIS IS AMMAAZING!!

haha the video is seriously NOT TRANSLATED! some dude had just added in his lyrics of wat the song sounds like in English, n i swear!! hahahha my sides are aching from laughin so much! loL! n the best part is tat after watchin it, u actually only "hear" it in English in ur mind! hahhahh


seriously laaaa... hahahahahhaha tell me wat u think k?????

this is wat we did at Andrew's CNY open house! Mal, Hanie, n 2 other ppl whose names i dont know were just chillin out inside in room n lauuuggghiin like mad, watchin videos, (reactions to stupid 2girls 1cup) n these nonsense la!! hahahah been really enjoyin hangin out wit them la!

yesterday went to TGI.Fridays in Pyramid n the ruckus we createdddddd! hahahh lets just say tat i wont be suprised if were not let back in there la! hahhahha