Friday, February 1, 2008

Movie Reviews!

Let's just say i've been very free this week! Well, yeah i have been! went out wit Mal, Sha & Shafiq much, also wit Liz for dinner! Managed to catch 3 movies this week n 2 of them being ones tat i've wanted to watch for quite a while now! Lets start with the 1st one.

As u would know by now, its starring Johnny Depp (oh soo delicious!), Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman (Snape from Harry Potter) & Timothy Spall (Peter Pettigrew also from Harry Potter). This movie was directed by Tim Burton who has done other incredible movies like Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas & The Corpse Bride. Actually, this story was a broadway show, therefore the whole movies is a musical! :D I absolutely LOVE musicals, not everyone does, but if ur the kinda person who appreciates them, ud definitely LOVE this movie as well!

Johnny Depp plays the character Sweeney Todd / Benjamin Barker, who had returned from jail after being sentenced for a crime he did not commit for 15 years. he comes home to find tat his wife n daughter had been taken away by the evil Judge Turpin. He meets Mrs.Lovett, who owns the Pie shop below his Barber Shop n together they scheme on HIS revenge.....
This movie is full of songs, blood, darkness and erm...more blood! hahhahahah i didnt think it was gory, but just real... ewwww... ah but definitely laughter here n there! OH n also Sacha Baron Cohen ( ALI G) makes an appearance! ;P i think the movie was actually really sad tho.. i jsut felt so sorry for Todd.... Nevertheless, a FANTASTIC movie to watch! it got nominated 17times! n 3 of those are OSCARS! :D if u love musicals, or if u just cant stop droolin at Johnny, WATCH THIS!!!!

You must be livin under a rock if u havent heard of this movie! It's starring Keira Knighty as Cecilia Tallis, James McAvoy (new hottie in town!!!!) as Robbie & Saoirse Ronan as 13 yr-old Briony Tallis. The Atonement is actually a novel written by Ian McEwan set in the 1930's in Britain. Oh! also, if u enjoyed The Pride & Prejudice, u'd love this movie too, as its directed by the same director, Joe Wright.

It tells the story of how 13 yr-old Briony Tallis saw something thry her bedroom window n misunderstood it. heck, REALLY misunderstood it! That event led to other events n soon, Robbie was being taken away n sentenced for a crime he did not commit (aha!). Cecilia, his lover was also greatly devastated! 5 years later, the film shows Him as a soldier n Cecilia as a Nurse. its clear tat such a small misunderstanding had GREATLY changed the whole family's life forever.. and all because little Briony misjudged something... sigh...
The whole movie is just soo incredibly beautiful! The scenary, the costumes, the movie..ahhh!! beautiful! it really is different too! the way the story is told... ah! god! i HATE Briony soo much! ugh! but wtv, this movie is a must see! Romance n tears at the end are....... very very possible! so jsut had a box of tissues on standby yeah? hehe No wonder this movie has had 58 nominations from various awards, (7 being Oscars & 14 being BAFTAs!) need to watch this movie guys!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!

neff..... comedy.... Starring Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah & Katie Holmes. This movie is about Bridget (Keaton) finds out that her n her husband are in a huge debt. She has to abandon her wealthy lifestyle and.. *gulps* get a job as a cleaner in the Federal Bank in Kansas! so one day as she's cleanin she gets an idea to steal the money tat is being sent to be destroyed (cos its old, torn n just worn out-all the banks in the world do this). So she teams up wit Nina (Latifah) & Jackie (Holmes) n together the 3 of them manage to smuggle out THOUSANDS of Dollars!!
This movie is just ur average comedy, simple with nothing to shout bout. Funny in parts tho! i say this is one of those movies u get a Pirated DVD n watch wit ur frens when ur utterly bored n in the mood for a laugh! so yeah, guess its just average la!

Well hope ya enjoyed my movie reviews! :D had soo much fun watchin them tho! n will be watchin THE ATONEMENT again la! LOVED IT!!! :D so do try to catch the 2 top mentioned ones! its soo awesome n lemme know wat u think!!!!! thanks ya'll!
Will be going out to HARD ROCK CAFE & PASSION CLUB tonite!!!!!!! :D:D