Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Like We Always Do It This Time

I got for mine, i gotsta shine,

Now throw ur hands up in the skyyyyyyy!!!

Welcome to the good life!

So yesterday, Mal performed in Monash Uni for the orientation thingy for their new batch n although it was just a lil thingy, he did an AMAAAZING job!! HE performed his own mix of "The Way We Are + Drop It Like Its Hot + Stronger! The twist was for the beat "the way we are" he rapped using his own lyrics (which rocked!) n for the beat "drop it like its hot" he rapped Lupe Fiasco's I GOTCHA lyrics..
he also did a spontaneous collabo wit FREELOADER n they did WHERE IS THE LOVE? =D

am soo proud of him! he's an awesome rapper/artist/performer! lol! n so far he performs ppl's songs, but he's also written 2 of his own songs so far n performed them, to which he's gotten many GREAT reviews!
now he's got new beats n tons of lyrics of his own, so he's gonna start gettin the songs done! i CANT WAIT!!!

other than tat,im craaaaaviiiinn for some Ben & Jerry's Choc Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream!!!!!! please Jesus!! give me some!!!!! they cost like RM37.90 for a small tub! like hooooollyyy crap!! tats expeensive la!!! but oh well, ill just settle for Baskin Robbin's Choc Chip cookie dough... its awesome enuf n cost less!! muaxxiiesss
perhaps i wanna be a supermodel one day.... maybe.. its a dream of course, but if i dont be, i'll be cool wit tat....
random. i know. blehh