Saturday, February 16, 2008


Wow! i have to say that i had the best Valentines Day EVER!! :D I shall spare u the details, so ill make it as brief n cut short the story! lol!

Me n Mal went over to MidValley to watch a movie but they had the longest lines in the world, so screw tat plan. We spent the whole time walkin around n just havin a blast n then got to Tony Roma's coz i've been dying for some Ribs, but the freakin place was only servin sets n for each person it cost RM89.90!!!! like wat the heck man?? just becoz its Valentines Day doesnt mean u have to run some Super Con-Job la rite? Same story wit San Francisco Steakhouse, Italliani's (RM69.90), n Chilli's was overcrowded.

So we found a GREAT lil quiet restaurant hidden in THE Gardens - god i love tat place! n it served the normal menu wit delicious (OH MY GOD!) food!! :D its called CHINOZ n omg!! seriously! the food rocked!! had Sauteed Mushrooms, Seafood Pizza n Grilled Chicken wit Mushroom sauce! yummy!! im soo happy we ate there, n it was actually the 1st actual Dinner-Date- Valentines i've had wit Mal! hehe then we got A banana Split @ Baskin Robbins n get this, WE met up wit Andrew n some other frens over at Sg.Wang's GREEN BOX for.... KARAOKE!!!!!!

hahha was soooo random rite??? but we didnt sing la, ok, Mal sang 3 songs but i didnt! hahaha then we got home!! :D im sooo happy n absolutely LOVIN my V'Day's gift from him (n vice versa!) I really have the best boyfriend in the world la! :D
I just got back from Pavillion after meetin up wit some of my buddies that i went to The States wit! :D was sooo great to see them after soo long! Aarthi, Azhan, Tim, Trisha, Ken, Colin n the b'day girl, Joyce was there!!! :D We had such a great time chattin n just updatin each other wit life happenins n laughin n being lame! hahah i dunno why but i was just in this lame mood la! was lame the whole day.. sigh... im PMSing! lol! seriously!

But we had drinks, cam-whored (DUUH!!!), n ate in the food court in Pavillion which absolutely rocks!!! btw, try the Pasta Carbonara in the food court! its freakin awesommeeeee!!!! n then i ciaoed la!

hehe great week la, really extraordinarily GREAT week~ :D
how was yours??