Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lydia, My American!



Lydia was one of my bestest friends when i was in the States. She was a junior at tat time but we were still real tight! prolly coz our lockers were int he same hallway! haha but i 1st remember meeting her in Bible class, she told me the chapter of the bible. also remember her being really friendly and helpful during my 1st week, so naturally we became buds!!!

Also, Heather, Beverly, Rania, Lydia n me were sorta all in the same locler hallway, so we just hung out alot of the times in between classes n we totally hit it off! See, when i was in the States, i didnt wanna just have 1 group of frens, i wanted to mix around as much as i cud wit every1 in the whole school (which i can PROUDLY say i did! hehe well at least most of the kids) n so in the Junior class, these were my closest pals!

Lydia n me just had soooo many good moments!! heheh From singin "GET LOW by Lil Jon" in the hallways, dancing around, Eating TWIZZLERS!!!!!, she buying me n painting my face on Senior Servant Day, walking over to Rita's for ices, me runnin like mad to Wawa's to pee, us+ Heather rolling down the hill n laughing histerically, :D :)

I even remember tat on my 18th Birthday in Lehigh Valley Christian High School, she baked me a whole batch of YUMMY Choc chip cookies n made me a mixed CD!! -which i still listen to! She was always there for me when i needed a fren, esp thru some confusing and sad moments while i was there, n we just talked soo much!
i miss her like hell..... :'(

so i called her this mornin to talk to her n wish her n it just made my day! no idea how great it feels to talk to some1 close from my 2nd Home.... i guess i jsut miss it n think bout it alot, coz it really was my dream since i was 8 u know, n it just whizzed past me.. so yeah....
But this is just dedicated to her!

Lydia, my American, I LOVE YOU SOO INCREDIBLY MUCH!! have a GREAT day hun! :D

*Ur Malaysian*


Lydia said...

awww! thanks sweetie!

You just reminded me of soooo many good memories! I wish I could rewind time, last spring was absolutely amazing. I love you soo much Kelsey.

I'm so glad that God brought you my way, you are truly somebody that i will never ever forget. Nobody has ever touched my heart with so much life, and light, and true joy. I am grateful for every moment of our friendship. <3

Can't wait until i see you again.
(and it WILL happen)