Sunday, May 30, 2010

Those Nights

It's one of those nights where everything's black once more,
And I'm left blinded, bruised up and sore,
My emotions seem to take control of me,
Bitterness, jealousy, frustration- it wants to have me.

I wanna just throw away my boundaries,
My morals, my ethics, all of my priorities,
I wanna sink in and be comfortably numb,
Run away, do something stupid, shallow and fun.

Maybe it's time to visit my friends,
The sky's where I belong and feel the best,
Kissing the clouds and smoking those blueberry nights,
Flying high till I see those bright lights.

I never wanna come down anymore,
Because up here, I will never feel that stinging sore,
It's like for a minute there, I lose myself,
And these emotions get bottle up and placed on a shelf.

But for now I'm grounded and open,
These wounds that were cut are now frozen,
I know I'll be happy and bubbly tomorrow,
So here's the last drink for tonight's sorrow.

These phases, they soon tire,
They come in with ablaze, setting everything on fire,
But once they have burned, they just leave a scar,
And I'm constantly reminded of why I am where I am,
And you are where you are.

It's just one of those nights again.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Long Time Coming

SO its been along time huh?

Oh, blogging drive, where are thou??? lost it la, just lost the will to blog. but i guess im glad I still have it here to type out on once in a while.

Classes have been ok, I have started getting assignments by the truck load this week, needless to say, I have been pretty stressed out lately. Sunburst is this Saturday! I cant wait! :) even though the line-up is dissapointing, Im still psyched to catch NERD and Korn! should be awesome, and plus, Im chillin wit Kim, Deb and whoever else that is gonna be there!

should be good! :)

So im turning 20 in a couple of weeks! Im psyched, its sorta big.. no more teens.. I guess Im reflecting on how much Ive changed recently..

I've tried to make it a point to keep up with my work as much as possible, I want those Straight A's in my results.. so that I can at least be proud of some stuff! hehe But also, i try to be responsible in other areas, like cleaning? taking care of Poopie.. I dont know..

I think I just realized that its time for a more mature change. This doesnt mean that im gonna stop being the good ol me! haha I have too much fun being myself! :)

Laughing, goofing around, making others laugh, its all good, and plus if I werent myself, I dont know wat I'll do when im upset. Like the other day, I was pretty upset bout stuff, and I decided to start dancing n dressing all goofy! ...... can you guess wat happened? I was all good after that! :)

BUt yeah.. 20.... lets be a bit more mature shall we? good.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh so the sem starts!

Ok ok, so heres to a new semester in LimKokWing!

I managed to get really good results last sem! I got A- for Design Management, Principles of Retailing & Fashion -somethin i cant remember! and a stupid B+ for Business. bodofied. but oh well! im still happy about it! :)

now as for Sem 2! I have 4 subjects as well-

Creative Development, Retail & Logistics, Principles of Marketing and Fashion Marketing. hmm so this shud be pretty interesting!

im just so so happy to be back in college! :D feels good to see everyone again n to get all dressed up for classes n also to be checkin out the latest eye candy in college la! hahaha

not much as of yet. but oh well!

oh I also just got bangs!!! eehhh!! i look like some tanned china doll la! so innocent looking! hahaha im happy, n Ive already got ideas for shoots!

other than that. life has been.............. interesting......... lets just keep it at that.

I had the best break in 08-09! Riyana n Kris totally made my break so good! frens n family.. can u honestly ask for a better time??

Im heading off to Manado, Indonesia on the 6th! haha snorkeling n beach bumming!


Monday, February 16, 2009

*Thinking of You by Katy Perry*

I just love this song.. Lyrics are beautiful and wonderfully sung..

I think somehow everyone can identify with this song.. somewhat at least.. its always gonna reflect on their first love, the ones that got away and also the ones who were taken away.. Ive had this song on repeat pretty much the entire day and been also singing along, I reckon my dad could sing along woth me right now! haha

Other than that! Ive been into the Idol season, yet again, so far I have a favourite! ANOOP DESAI or better known as NOOP-DOGG! hehe

this guy is Indian but hails from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. First glance= super geeky, prolly awkward singer. But the second he opened his mouth n sang. omg omg omg, I (n all the judges) were BLOWN away!! Soulful soulful, im so wowwed!

So i decided to Youtube him, and I discovered that he actually sings in this acapella group called the UNC Clef Hangers! they're so so cool! watch it ya'll! :)

there are like, 65 vids on their Channel, so go take a look if ur interested! :)


Thursday, February 5, 2009


Im off to Vietnam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ho Chih Minh to be exact!!



Friday, January 30, 2009


I know I know, I've been severely neglecting my blog...

But I dunno.. lately I have been so uninspired to write. And I wanna blog bout my Bangkok trip (by far the best!!) but maybe later on...

SO much (u won't believe!!) has been going on in my life lately! Meet ups with frens, new friends, new things about myself, happenings and also just changes in my life and things that Ive begun to realize..................... bored...................

And I will be back as soon as I get some sort of drive to write again... now that shouldn't take too long, so do check in again, ya?

I love you people


Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Coconuts not juicy enough!


oh oops, i mean to Bangkok!

im going to shop like the apocalypse is imminent! clear the way!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tease Me Please....

Im so happy! im now the proud owner of Cafe Del Mar: Volume 1-14!!! 17 discs baby, gosh i've been on such a high lately with this ambient chill music... btw I've updated my blog player with my fav songs from the collection! :) ENJOY!!

I've been on a spring cleaning mood, cleaned my entire room and that avalanche in the closet. Gosh, im so ready to get married! Can cook, clean..... now to learn to do laundry! haha wonder if My mom approves? hahahahahaha
I shall post pics soon of that tho, im super duper proud of myself for what Ive accomplished so far! guess with good music and attittudes, one can do anything that one sets his/her mind to, huh?

I've also had such good times with meetups and fun!! :) these r just a few snaps of my Jan! more on Facebook!
Ahhhh life....... never know wat if bring la right? :) Im going to Bangkok, Thailand next week for 4 days with my parents, cousin and TRISHA!!! whooohoo!! this is gonna be legendary ya'll!!!!
.......You're Bringing Me Back to Life.... >love the 2nd track on my playlist!

go listen to Cafe Del Mar. its pure love, i swear!