Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tease Me Please....

Im so happy! im now the proud owner of Cafe Del Mar: Volume 1-14!!! 17 discs baby, gosh i've been on such a high lately with this ambient chill music... btw I've updated my blog player with my fav songs from the collection! :) ENJOY!!

I've been on a spring cleaning mood, cleaned my entire room and that avalanche in the closet. Gosh, im so ready to get married! Can cook, clean..... now to learn to do laundry! haha wonder if My mom approves? hahahahahaha
I shall post pics soon of that tho, im super duper proud of myself for what Ive accomplished so far! guess with good music and attittudes, one can do anything that one sets his/her mind to, huh?

I've also had such good times with meetups and fun!! :) these r just a few snaps of my Jan! more on Facebook!
Ahhhh life....... never know wat if bring la right? :) Im going to Bangkok, Thailand next week for 4 days with my parents, cousin and TRISHA!!! whooohoo!! this is gonna be legendary ya'll!!!!
.......You're Bringing Me Back to Life.... >love the 2nd track on my playlist!

go listen to Cafe Del Mar. its pure love, i swear!