Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Crikey! Here's to 2009 and my 20000 blog hits!! Thanks for reading, guys!

*Bar Savanh*

So far, this has been looking like a really good year!

I've been far too busy as well as LAZY to update my blog, sorry guys.. was plannin on taking a break for a while..

Been havin so much fun, wat with entertaining ppl, random trips to Genting, a crazy but great day in Singapore... nites out.. and some food as well! :) all of this has been fun fun fun!*Cable Car**Queing for the Space Drop thingy!*
*Cute otters!**Sheila's and a roo!**Crikey!**Clark Quay*
So yes, busy busy busy busy! but FUN!!!!!
i do enjoy entertainin this crazy cousin of mine with accents! its quite fun actually, n calms her down n makes time pass quickly! only downside of it, is that ppl will tend to think that we're lunatics... which is just completely stupid of course, coz im perfectly sane, whereas she is.............. well let's just say tat we're all worried about her!
HAHAHA n yes, I will be expecting a pinch from her for telling the truth to the public! ahhahah