Thursday, March 19, 2009

Long Time Coming

SO its been along time huh?

Oh, blogging drive, where are thou??? lost it la, just lost the will to blog. but i guess im glad I still have it here to type out on once in a while.

Classes have been ok, I have started getting assignments by the truck load this week, needless to say, I have been pretty stressed out lately. Sunburst is this Saturday! I cant wait! :) even though the line-up is dissapointing, Im still psyched to catch NERD and Korn! should be awesome, and plus, Im chillin wit Kim, Deb and whoever else that is gonna be there!

should be good! :)

So im turning 20 in a couple of weeks! Im psyched, its sorta big.. no more teens.. I guess Im reflecting on how much Ive changed recently..

I've tried to make it a point to keep up with my work as much as possible, I want those Straight A's in my results.. so that I can at least be proud of some stuff! hehe But also, i try to be responsible in other areas, like cleaning? taking care of Poopie.. I dont know..

I think I just realized that its time for a more mature change. This doesnt mean that im gonna stop being the good ol me! haha I have too much fun being myself! :)

Laughing, goofing around, making others laugh, its all good, and plus if I werent myself, I dont know wat I'll do when im upset. Like the other day, I was pretty upset bout stuff, and I decided to start dancing n dressing all goofy! ...... can you guess wat happened? I was all good after that! :)

BUt yeah.. 20.... lets be a bit more mature shall we? good.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh so the sem starts!

Ok ok, so heres to a new semester in LimKokWing!

I managed to get really good results last sem! I got A- for Design Management, Principles of Retailing & Fashion -somethin i cant remember! and a stupid B+ for Business. bodofied. but oh well! im still happy about it! :)

now as for Sem 2! I have 4 subjects as well-

Creative Development, Retail & Logistics, Principles of Marketing and Fashion Marketing. hmm so this shud be pretty interesting!

im just so so happy to be back in college! :D feels good to see everyone again n to get all dressed up for classes n also to be checkin out the latest eye candy in college la! hahaha

not much as of yet. but oh well!

oh I also just got bangs!!! eehhh!! i look like some tanned china doll la! so innocent looking! hahaha im happy, n Ive already got ideas for shoots!

other than that. life has been.............. interesting......... lets just keep it at that.

I had the best break in 08-09! Riyana n Kris totally made my break so good! frens n family.. can u honestly ask for a better time??

Im heading off to Manado, Indonesia on the 6th! haha snorkeling n beach bumming!