Sunday, May 30, 2010

Those Nights

It's one of those nights where everything's black once more,
And I'm left blinded, bruised up and sore,
My emotions seem to take control of me,
Bitterness, jealousy, frustration- it wants to have me.

I wanna just throw away my boundaries,
My morals, my ethics, all of my priorities,
I wanna sink in and be comfortably numb,
Run away, do something stupid, shallow and fun.

Maybe it's time to visit my friends,
The sky's where I belong and feel the best,
Kissing the clouds and smoking those blueberry nights,
Flying high till I see those bright lights.

I never wanna come down anymore,
Because up here, I will never feel that stinging sore,
It's like for a minute there, I lose myself,
And these emotions get bottle up and placed on a shelf.

But for now I'm grounded and open,
These wounds that were cut are now frozen,
I know I'll be happy and bubbly tomorrow,
So here's the last drink for tonight's sorrow.

These phases, they soon tire,
They come in with ablaze, setting everything on fire,
But once they have burned, they just leave a scar,
And I'm constantly reminded of why I am where I am,
And you are where you are.

It's just one of those nights again.