Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 in a Flash!


Cant believe this year is over...... What seemed like just yesterday is actually exactly 1 year ago! I honestly can still remember every detail of New Years Eve, last year!!! The feelings of anticipation for my 6 months in the USA were at a Peak of Excitement!!

Jan 07
-excitement of going on my dream foreign exchange trip was high charged!
- left Malaysia on the 9th of Dec along wit 37 other awesome & lucky Malaysians!
-went to Allentown, Pennsylvania n met my host family- THE KUHNS n got a school - LEHIGH VALLEY CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL

Feb 07
-had already made real close frens in High School
-fit in well with the family
-went to New York City!!!!

March 07
-realized tat 2 months of my stay had gone past!
-was doing really well in high school!
-missed frens n family from home
-joined the TRACK TEAM in school

April 07
-turned 18 on the 3rd!!! :D
-had a suprise party!
-was sad bout leaving soon
-but spring was here!!!! :D
-was doing well in The TRACK TEAM!!
-went to Maryland for Easter wit my family

May 07
-was havin the time of my life!
-school was awesome! i did my presentation bout Malaysia n the kids loved it!
-had the Prom n wore a pretty Fushia colored dress
-Got a Pin n letter at the Sports Awards for Track!
-Senior Class trip for 5 days to VIRGINIA BEACH where i had an amazing time wit my friends
-Graduation!! :D

June 07
-started gettin very sad bout leavin soon, as i didnt wanna leave at all since i basically had fun every single day of my life n didnt want it to end!
-but i still maximised my time there well!
-crashed Graduation parties wit my frens!
-mini-golfed n hung out alot
-fun wit family too!
-got a suprise farewell party thrown by my fam n frens
-went to Souderton n said a sad goodbye to my host family n cried the whole nite with the other exchange students
-had major fun wit them tho!
-flew to Washington D.C again n met up wit the rest of the Malaysian YES gang n also 400 other participants from all around the world!
-had major fun there! n then we had to leave
-flew back on the 30th via PARIS

July 07
-reached KL on the 1st
-was happy to meet my family n friend again!!
-btw, i had put on 20 pounds/10kg in the US n had to throw away 20 pairs of jeans!
-pigged out on extremely missed good ol' Malaysian food! :D:D:D:D
-enrolled in LimKokWing University of Creative Technology n am doing the Foundation in Design which will continue to a (BA)Degree in Fashion & Retailing

August 07
-college was going great!
-severely missed host family n friends in the US tho, but was dealing
-celebrated MALAYSIA'S 50th Year of INDEPENDECE!! :D MERDEKA!!!

September 07
-nothing much happened in Sept i think! haha
-cant remember!

October 07
-had my 1st ever fashion show in college!! was awesome!!
-did a shoot wit KG n Bibo n it was just like.... wow! hahah my firsts la basically!
-life started opening up more! n met more ppl in college n was absolutely enjoyin life!

November 07
-Finished wit 1st sem of Foundation in college!! :D was amazing!!
-Kris came back!
-went to Bandung, Indonesia for shopping madness!!!!!!!
-Had a major major reality check in my life about problems, n made good decisions
-was busy busy busy the whole month! :D

December 07
-was majorly busy all the time with Christmas shopping!
-thoroughly enjoyed myself tho, n it really really felt good to be back in Malaysia! :D am very proud of my country!
-had another fashion show, n this time it was a big one in Renaissance Hotel for College grads!
-hung out with frens all the days n maximised hols!
-Christmas celebrations!! =P
-went to PD for Major family bonding fun times!
-n now its New Years! lol!

So this is honestly an extremely brief list of my 2007! theres just too many things to write out, only wish i cud! This year flew by, heck, it zoomed at the speed of sound!! But it is really without a shadow of a doubt, the BEST YEAR EVER & The most life changing one!

I'll forever remember it
BUT >>>>> HERE's to 2008!!!!!!

May u be a much more exciting n better year... God! im in for a ride!! :D


Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Kick-Ass Family Vacation!

Hey you!!!!! Sorry for not updating my blog for a while, i went on an Awesome vacation to Port Dickson on the 27th of Dec with MY WHOLE FAMILY!!! :D

And im talkin bout a bunch of us! Around 50+ ppl went on this short trip! :D

We do this about every year, or at least we try to. For Christmas hols, the whole Suppiah clan will get together n be merry! So this year, we decided to hit our fav spot, GOUMAN HOTELS, PORT DICKSON as it's only 1 hour away n its a gorgeous hotel!

Meetin all my cousins and aunts n uncles n so on was great! i absolutely LOVE my family! they're hilarious when were all together! Slowly, everyone piled into the hotel, got our rooms n hit the pooL! hahah there we had swims, frisbee & ball wars, everything! i totally loved hangin wit my the cousins who were around my age n also i love it when the little ones are runnin around wild!!

kids can be so cute at times!! n later on at night, we hit a Chinese Seafood Restaurant n ate a ton of good food n after tat, my aunts started telling tales of when they were younger n they brought out albums of OLLLDDDD photos which were such a source of joy n laughter to all of us! hahha we laughed as we looked at those old black & white photos of parents n relatives! my aunt said, " this is a tradition we want to keep in the holidays so tat the younger generation know more about our family and treasure it!"

n i thought that that was a brilliant idea! i mean, alot of us found out new things n had a good time laughin! :D

the next day, a bunch of us (26 to be exact) opted to go on a Ferry Ride in Melaka n go sailing to some islands! it was a great trip! I LOVED SAILING N SITTIN OUT ON THE BOAT'S FRONT, enjoyin the wonderful sea breeze, n the sun shining down on me, n watching the waves..... it was just soo relaxing......

we cruised to an island where we stopped n swam in the water n then we walked over to this small lil island next to it in the water! haha! the tide was low, n we had fun swingin on this cute swing over the water n going rock adventuring! lol~! then we jsut got on the boat again n just sailed around n saw other islands b4 heading back! :D GREAT DAY it was! mucho mucho tiring tho, but fun!

got back to the hotel for a quick dip, went for dinner n then got to the hotel's pub n had a HUMUNGOUS Margarita!! haha! seriously! it was huge! 3 of us had to drink it! lol! n the glass's diameter was bigger than my face! lol! but dont worry! i was totally fine! my aunt n friend were laughin n we were all just havin a good time!


i do tho!
so the next day, 29th was our goodbye day! n it totallly sucked to say bye to some of my fam tat i dont normally see... miss them la.... sigh... oh well i guess tats why these vacas r more awesome, we tend to miss each other more n have a great time when we hang out! haha

But just being wit family makes me so happy, u know? i was analyzing it alot of the time.... i do love my family so... n the whole time i was also just thinkin bout choices i have to make in life.... wat i want the most in my life, i cant get.. or at least not in the way tat i shud get it.. sucks..

Coz all i want is to have him by my side, witnessing my life, my family and to be a part of it.. :)

love can be such a pain, sometimes............

Im just so thankful to God for blessing me with a great family! there are things tat i cud wish tat they wud change at times, but u know.... i love them..... n in case ur reading this, Kris, i love you.. thanks for always knockin me on my head when i need it... ;)

Here's to Family & a FANTASTIC FREAKIN NEW YEAR!!!!!!!



Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Poems tat reside in me..

Fills me up inside when you're right beside,
Poems I recite cos I'm inspired,
My tunnel light, it shines so bright,
Like a shining light to the otherside,
Baby girl, just come inside,
Cos our lives it coincides,
Never had it felt so right,
Never have I had more flights,
Trips to places that you gon like,
Take your time, the world is wide,
It's alright if you down to ride,
Anything for you I'd provide,
Cos you know for you I've cried,
And I know to you I've lied,
And I know for me you've tried,I'm just glad we got through the fights.

I'll say it here, no caps, no gears,
no fancy shirts, no air sneakers,
No fancy chains, no baggy pants,
No longer the same, just a plain man,
The main plan, make u understand,
make you figure out what im all about
make you finally see, what you mean to me,
the one and only perfect company,
no more words for now, just a simple wow,
you're the perfect view, i'm so into you...
i love you bunny


A Merry Bunny Christmas!!


Whooohooooo!! i cant believe Christmas is finally here! Im sooo happy!! :D
i just got back from Christmas Eve Service from Church n it was real nice!! :D

ahhhhh.. i just love the feeling of being in church on the eve of x'mas!! the air is buzzing with happiness, excitement, joy and love, the place is packed wit people whose faces are so shiny and happy, everyone loooks great, the church is beautifully decorated n the choir sings happpy christmas carols!!

it just feels like.... home... it feels so right!!
so im pretty happy now! thankfully considering i had an extremely extremely bad day!

but im not gonna rant on tat now, will do later on

BUt for now,

i just want to wish all my readers a FANTASTIC & JOYFUL CHRISTMAS!!!!


Friday, December 21, 2007

The Fashion Show & Maison

Well wat can i say?? The LimKokWing Fashion Graduate's Show held at Renaissance Hotel K.L was an absolute blast!!!!

The day started off great n we had rehearsals n all tat jazz. lots of the time was spent chillin out wit frens, talkin n also laughing! haha met this guy from Kyrgystan called Azamat n he was hittin on me n Farah the whole time! haha we even told him tat we had boyfriends n he didnt stop! was well funny man!
Then came time for us to get dressed n get hair n make-up done! WOOOOOOO the excitement was definately building!!!!! I've done the fashion show in college wit prolly 6000 ppl watchin, but this was just more proper, this was a real fashion show wit big guests not forgetting Tan Sri there! but i wasnt really nervous, just excited! i was pumped!!! :D

I was in the STREET COUTURE show! There were 20 of us, n we were to escort the VVIP as they walk in n we were the 1st show! :D:D n guess wat??? I was the 4th person to walk!! apparently Tiffany said tat i had a strong walk so i cud walk alone! YAYS!!!!! I wore a black cropped Toga top wit feathers n black hot shorts! needless to say was a head turner la! lol! ah but it was awesome! n i had to hold a black whip! haha!!
When it came to my turn to walk down the runway, i got out there, n gave some a load of attitude, i strutted, i posed wit my whip n i strutted it back wit my head full of attitude to add to the funk! :D The feeling of being on the runway is incredible!! The Adrenaline rush is such a great high!
Im also so so proud of Farah! this was her 1st show n she did a good job in the Eric Way London collection! u go girl!
after tat we hung out n chillled n cam-whored wit the ambassadors n all so it was good fun!
Later on, we met Liz, Berlin & Ash at The Heritage Row in KL for GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!!! whoooohooo!! although Ash might be the exception! lol! just kiddin ash! haahha
went to Loft at 1st but it was 21+ so went to Maison instead! n it was not very crowded at first, so we got our drinks n went to a secluded spot where we cud be alone n be totally WIILLDD!! lol!
n lemme tell you, A WILD NIGHT IT WAS!!!!!!!!!! ;P
Some ppl we very high! hahah wont say who la, but u can just guess! we ended up dancing like craaazyyyy n even attempted to krump! waayy too hilarious man! pics are all up on my FACEBOOK for those who wanna see, same goes for the Fashion Show pics!
Nevertheless, we hit the dancefloor at 1am- ish n it was packed ya! danced n danced n something damn funny happened wit Liz but not allowed to say!
Left at 3 n went to Syed to eat n then 4 of us slept over at Liz's freezing cold room! hahahhah
19th Dec 07 def one of the most MEMORABLE days ever in this year! :D

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Tag continues

5 things found in my bag

5 things found in my purse
*Driving license
*Credit card :D

5 favourite things found in my room
*My overflowing wardrobe
*Accesorries of every kind
*Perfume collection
*Icky :D

5 things i've always wanted to do
*Make out in the rain
*Make love on the beach
*Go shopping without having to worry about paying for things
*Travel around Europe
*Going on a holiday with my best friends

5 things im currently into
*Robin Thicke
*Grey's Anatomy
*Nasi lemak
*Shopping, tats always tho!

feeling much better and relaxed now! time for song Grey's and my awesomest lemon cheesecake!! :D


Hatred Fills Me Sometimes

These past few days I've been very very very very angry about someone. And even tho she technically may not have done anything directly bad to me, SHE IS SUCH A FREAKING B***H!!!


She's soooo ugly you know!! im serious! EVERYONE SAYS SO!! so im not the only one!

She's also very fat! I mean like, C'MON WOMAN!!! haven't u heard of CHOLESTROL & HEART DISEASE & OBESITY????

N honestly! Get a freakin fashion stylist man! ur in dire need of help! freakin fashion victim, dunno how to dress nicely dont bother trying man!

Summore ah, she's such a freakin slut man!!! A SLUT!!!! If u want to do or blow every guy in Europe, do it la, but when u were hear, honestly, have some more self respect for yourself man! Like a dog...

And i understand if u want to take "contraceptive pills", but honestly DO YOU NEED to announce to a whole table full of ppl tat u "forgot" to take it n take it in front of them?? C'mon la if you want to announce to the whole world tat ur having sex, go get a billboard, it does a better job.

Boyfriend stealer!!!!!!! Need i say more? You're such a slut!!!! NO WONDER ur host school's boys wanted to beat u up! ur tat worthless!

The song VIVA LA WHITE GIRL by Gym Class Heroes, which is supposed to be bout how great a white girl is, will NEVER be ur song! ur a disgrace to your own race!

No one even likes her!!!! Didnt ur momma ever teach u well?? Hope ur tongue piercing rusts n gets infected

AHHH!!!! im just soooooooooooooooooo angry!!!!!!!! i cant stand it!!!
i THank God everyday for blessing me with frens who are great n rock my world n who keep me sane.

N if u have not guessed it by now, im havin a severe case of PMS. im damn angry.

But anyway, other than tat particular burst of hatred towards a certain someone, i've been havin a pretty darn awesome time these past few days!!!!

I hung out wit Kim & Liz at Kim's place n it was awesome!!!! :D
we attempted to watch AMERICAN GANGSTER but we cudnt la, was just tooo confusing and boring. i just didnt get it, but i guess its coz its just not my kinda movie la,
but we talked n talked n laughed like hell, ate n talked somemore about everything n our relationships problems! ahhh!! hehehhe it was real awesome GIRL time! lol!

n today i chillled wit some of my other best buds, Farah & Debbie!! :D
went to Limkokwing wit Farah for our fitting n briefing for the fashion show tomoro!! :D it was fun!! n while we were doing it, we were getting hit on my this funny guy from Kyrgystan! lol! it was soo hilarious! he kept asking us if we had boyfriends! :D

then we picked Deb up n went to eat Nasi Lemak n then they came back to my place n we cam whored!!! lol! n ate my yummy ( :D ) cheese cake! hehhe n talked n everything la!!
heheh i love my friends!

Im SOO excited bout tomoro's Eric Way fashion show man!! it's gonna be sooooo awesome! off the hizzzaaayyy people!!

the adrenaline is pumping thru my veins..... waaaayyyyy pumping... ;)


Sunday, December 16, 2007

MCR & fun days!

Im baccckkkkk!!!!!!! :D:D

yay! my internet probs are fixed n im ready to blog again! ahhh! feels soo good! cant believe how addicted i am to the internet! like i freakin die without it! hah!
if the internet ever crashes, GOD FORBID!!! but yeah, we'd all just prolly die or kill ourselves man! seriously!

My CHEMICAL ROMANCE's concert held in STADIUM MERDEKA, KL on the 9th of Dec '07 was friggin awesome yo!!!

it was packed to the brim wit fans n lets just say, i had a majorly awesome time coz i was surrounded by my bestest frens ever!!!! :D
could i ask for more?
Liz, Sha, Farah, Ikmal, Fareena, Venilla n Shafiq made our group! honestly, all tat waiting in line was well worth it coz i got to spend wacky time wit my best frens, just laughin n cam-whoring away! oih n liz was perving on another indian kid! lol!

all of us are like damn broke la, so we bought the RM103 tickets which are the cheapest n way at the back la, ah but we cud still see the stage so it was cool! n at 9.15pm, MCR hit the stage n opened wit This is How i Dissapear! they played for a good 1 hour wit all their famous tracks n all of us craazy ppl were singing n jumping n going wild wit the songs! they also played alot of unreleased stuff, so tat was awesome! :D
all in all, we had an AMAZING time! n lots of good cam-whoring! haha

n when we left, me, Mal, Liz, Farah, Venilla & Fareena got into the Sticky Mobile n headed to the Nasi Lemak place on Seapark to eat n as we were on the way, we cranked some awesome beats n it was like clubbin in the car! hahhahahha seriously! rolled down the windows, stuck our heads out n did weird things! lol
loved every minute of spendin time with these ppl~! ahhh!!

Also, on Tuesday nite, i sleptover at Liz's place wit Sha since she was leavin to London for 3 weeks, n it was mad fun as usual! all the stupid jokes, laughter, dancing n talking, not to mention midnight runs to McD's to get ice cream n coke for ..... u know.... hahhahhahhha slept at 4 ish n had to wake up early at 9 to hang out for the last time wit Mal...

But Wednesday was incredibly awesome n Unforgettable.... :D

Spent the whole day wit Mal coz he was leavin at night to Europe for 1 month.. so we wanted to chill. n somehow i was just so in the mood to do something real diff n fuN! i suggested we go to the Zoo, coz i havent been since i was 6, but he didnt wanna go, but we decided to go to AQUARIA KLCC instead n OMG! it was AMAZING!!

i got into a simple sundress n we had soo much fun just drivin around KL n enjoying its beauty! n we got to KLCC n got to Aquaria, (btw, its RM28 if ur Malaysiam n its RM20 if u bring ur student card)

We had so much fun just seeing all these amazing marine life, touchin baby sharks n starfishes (oh i made him touch it! it felt soo cool!! :D)

n wat was sooo funny was the fact that all around us were families, parents bringin their lil kids n here we were, on a lil date in Aquaria! hahhahhahah was sooo funny! ahh but we had a majorly fun time la.. just good quality time together,

then we headed over to PAVILLION KL to have lunch n i had my pasta as usual n he had pan mee, then we got another piece of fried chicked n walked around admiring the BEAUTIFUL X'MAS deco in the mall! its gorgeous!

n guess wat? we got stopped by a Japanese tv crew! hahhahah! it was so funny! they wanted to interview us for a japanese tv show n they flipped out when they found out that Mal can speak Japanese! hahhahhaha!
they were sooo happy n excited! hehe proud of him la! but yeah, we had a great time gettin intervied n alll tat
n in the end,
we had an incredibly amazingly wow day! n i was actually really sad when he was leavin... i dunno why, but i just realized tat im gonna miss him soo much u know... suddenly la....

n right now, im just really missing him badly u know? sucks coz i thought i was gonna be fine! i thought ill be ok without him, but seems not... im just so lost without you, Mal..

i hate this la.

i was over it.

i was fine.

i moved on.


im lost.


n wishin he was here.

im confused.


im simply addicted to Grey's Anatomy!
i've been catchin up Season 2 on my laptop for a week! been watching it every single minute of the free time i have! hhhaha im in love wit it la! n now i just bought the Season 3 yesterday n im now in Episode 9! hahhaha LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! n SIMPLY ADDICTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh n btw, the movie I AM LEGEND starring Will Smith is....... i dunno.. ok i give him a tremendous round of applause for his acting! it was great! but the storyline of the movie... hmmm.. i didnt really like la. i mean it was ok.. i enjoyed it nonetheless esp scenes where ill be jumpin up n down in fright, but i dont think its all it's cracked up to be., i think they cud have had a better story line..
but id love to hear wat u think bout it! tell me, k>

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Bloody Internet problems

Ok so i have not been able to come online for a week already thanks to some IDIOTIC BOYS who pulled out the Phone lines in my apartment area for a joke, n thanks to them, the entire apartment area has no phone access n no net!! SSSSSUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i cudnt go on facebook for sooo long!! *CRIES*
almost died!!
became so addicted to that thing, n also cudnt blog!!!
im now using my couz's net n can only use for a lil while!!

so much shit has happened this week man!!
its been an incredible week!!!!!!!! i love it!! n wats more, im going for MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE's concert tonite wit my bestest frens in the whole world!!!! :D:D
its gonna be off the hizzzaaayyyy!!!!!

also been shoppin a ton!! me n my mom spent like RM1000 yesterday in OU! lol! but we bought gifts for christmas! so its christmas shoppin + a lil extra! haha !

ahhhh i cant wait for my net to come back n i can blog more!!
so tilll then, i gotsta stay flyyyy-ahhh--ahhhh--ahhhh--ayyyyy