Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Poems tat reside in me..

Fills me up inside when you're right beside,
Poems I recite cos I'm inspired,
My tunnel light, it shines so bright,
Like a shining light to the otherside,
Baby girl, just come inside,
Cos our lives it coincides,
Never had it felt so right,
Never have I had more flights,
Trips to places that you gon like,
Take your time, the world is wide,
It's alright if you down to ride,
Anything for you I'd provide,
Cos you know for you I've cried,
And I know to you I've lied,
And I know for me you've tried,I'm just glad we got through the fights.

I'll say it here, no caps, no gears,
no fancy shirts, no air sneakers,
No fancy chains, no baggy pants,
No longer the same, just a plain man,
The main plan, make u understand,
make you figure out what im all about
make you finally see, what you mean to me,
the one and only perfect company,
no more words for now, just a simple wow,
you're the perfect view, i'm so into you...
i love you bunny