Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Kick-Ass Family Vacation!

Hey you!!!!! Sorry for not updating my blog for a while, i went on an Awesome vacation to Port Dickson on the 27th of Dec with MY WHOLE FAMILY!!! :D

And im talkin bout a bunch of us! Around 50+ ppl went on this short trip! :D

We do this about every year, or at least we try to. For Christmas hols, the whole Suppiah clan will get together n be merry! So this year, we decided to hit our fav spot, GOUMAN HOTELS, PORT DICKSON as it's only 1 hour away n its a gorgeous hotel!

Meetin all my cousins and aunts n uncles n so on was great! i absolutely LOVE my family! they're hilarious when were all together! Slowly, everyone piled into the hotel, got our rooms n hit the pooL! hahah there we had swims, frisbee & ball wars, everything! i totally loved hangin wit my the cousins who were around my age n also i love it when the little ones are runnin around wild!!

kids can be so cute at times!! n later on at night, we hit a Chinese Seafood Restaurant n ate a ton of good food n after tat, my aunts started telling tales of when they were younger n they brought out albums of OLLLDDDD photos which were such a source of joy n laughter to all of us! hahha we laughed as we looked at those old black & white photos of parents n relatives! my aunt said, " this is a tradition we want to keep in the holidays so tat the younger generation know more about our family and treasure it!"

n i thought that that was a brilliant idea! i mean, alot of us found out new things n had a good time laughin! :D

the next day, a bunch of us (26 to be exact) opted to go on a Ferry Ride in Melaka n go sailing to some islands! it was a great trip! I LOVED SAILING N SITTIN OUT ON THE BOAT'S FRONT, enjoyin the wonderful sea breeze, n the sun shining down on me, n watching the waves..... it was just soo relaxing......

we cruised to an island where we stopped n swam in the water n then we walked over to this small lil island next to it in the water! haha! the tide was low, n we had fun swingin on this cute swing over the water n going rock adventuring! lol~! then we jsut got on the boat again n just sailed around n saw other islands b4 heading back! :D GREAT DAY it was! mucho mucho tiring tho, but fun!

got back to the hotel for a quick dip, went for dinner n then got to the hotel's pub n had a HUMUNGOUS Margarita!! haha! seriously! it was huge! 3 of us had to drink it! lol! n the glass's diameter was bigger than my face! lol! but dont worry! i was totally fine! my aunt n friend were laughin n we were all just havin a good time!


i do tho!
so the next day, 29th was our goodbye day! n it totallly sucked to say bye to some of my fam tat i dont normally see... miss them la.... sigh... oh well i guess tats why these vacas r more awesome, we tend to miss each other more n have a great time when we hang out! haha

But just being wit family makes me so happy, u know? i was analyzing it alot of the time.... i do love my family so... n the whole time i was also just thinkin bout choices i have to make in life.... wat i want the most in my life, i cant get.. or at least not in the way tat i shud get it.. sucks..

Coz all i want is to have him by my side, witnessing my life, my family and to be a part of it.. :)

love can be such a pain, sometimes............

Im just so thankful to God for blessing me with a great family! there are things tat i cud wish tat they wud change at times, but u know.... i love them..... n in case ur reading this, Kris, i love you.. thanks for always knockin me on my head when i need it... ;)

Here's to Family & a FANTASTIC FREAKIN NEW YEAR!!!!!!!