Friday, December 21, 2007

The Fashion Show & Maison

Well wat can i say?? The LimKokWing Fashion Graduate's Show held at Renaissance Hotel K.L was an absolute blast!!!!

The day started off great n we had rehearsals n all tat jazz. lots of the time was spent chillin out wit frens, talkin n also laughing! haha met this guy from Kyrgystan called Azamat n he was hittin on me n Farah the whole time! haha we even told him tat we had boyfriends n he didnt stop! was well funny man!
Then came time for us to get dressed n get hair n make-up done! WOOOOOOO the excitement was definately building!!!!! I've done the fashion show in college wit prolly 6000 ppl watchin, but this was just more proper, this was a real fashion show wit big guests not forgetting Tan Sri there! but i wasnt really nervous, just excited! i was pumped!!! :D

I was in the STREET COUTURE show! There were 20 of us, n we were to escort the VVIP as they walk in n we were the 1st show! :D:D n guess wat??? I was the 4th person to walk!! apparently Tiffany said tat i had a strong walk so i cud walk alone! YAYS!!!!! I wore a black cropped Toga top wit feathers n black hot shorts! needless to say was a head turner la! lol! ah but it was awesome! n i had to hold a black whip! haha!!
When it came to my turn to walk down the runway, i got out there, n gave some a load of attitude, i strutted, i posed wit my whip n i strutted it back wit my head full of attitude to add to the funk! :D The feeling of being on the runway is incredible!! The Adrenaline rush is such a great high!
Im also so so proud of Farah! this was her 1st show n she did a good job in the Eric Way London collection! u go girl!
after tat we hung out n chillled n cam-whored wit the ambassadors n all so it was good fun!
Later on, we met Liz, Berlin & Ash at The Heritage Row in KL for GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!!! whoooohooo!! although Ash might be the exception! lol! just kiddin ash! haahha
went to Loft at 1st but it was 21+ so went to Maison instead! n it was not very crowded at first, so we got our drinks n went to a secluded spot where we cud be alone n be totally WIILLDD!! lol!
n lemme tell you, A WILD NIGHT IT WAS!!!!!!!!!! ;P
Some ppl we very high! hahah wont say who la, but u can just guess! we ended up dancing like craaazyyyy n even attempted to krump! waayy too hilarious man! pics are all up on my FACEBOOK for those who wanna see, same goes for the Fashion Show pics!
Nevertheless, we hit the dancefloor at 1am- ish n it was packed ya! danced n danced n something damn funny happened wit Liz but not allowed to say!
Left at 3 n went to Syed to eat n then 4 of us slept over at Liz's freezing cold room! hahahhah
19th Dec 07 def one of the most MEMORABLE days ever in this year! :D