Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hatred Fills Me Sometimes

These past few days I've been very very very very angry about someone. And even tho she technically may not have done anything directly bad to me, SHE IS SUCH A FREAKING B***H!!!


She's soooo ugly you know!! im serious! EVERYONE SAYS SO!! so im not the only one!

She's also very fat! I mean like, C'MON WOMAN!!! haven't u heard of CHOLESTROL & HEART DISEASE & OBESITY????

N honestly! Get a freakin fashion stylist man! ur in dire need of help! freakin fashion victim, dunno how to dress nicely dont bother trying man!

Summore ah, she's such a freakin slut man!!! A SLUT!!!! If u want to do or blow every guy in Europe, do it la, but when u were hear, honestly, have some more self respect for yourself man! Like a dog...

And i understand if u want to take "contraceptive pills", but honestly DO YOU NEED to announce to a whole table full of ppl tat u "forgot" to take it n take it in front of them?? C'mon la if you want to announce to the whole world tat ur having sex, go get a billboard, it does a better job.

Boyfriend stealer!!!!!!! Need i say more? You're such a slut!!!! NO WONDER ur host school's boys wanted to beat u up! ur tat worthless!

The song VIVA LA WHITE GIRL by Gym Class Heroes, which is supposed to be bout how great a white girl is, will NEVER be ur song! ur a disgrace to your own race!

No one even likes her!!!! Didnt ur momma ever teach u well?? Hope ur tongue piercing rusts n gets infected

AHHH!!!! im just soooooooooooooooooo angry!!!!!!!! i cant stand it!!!
i THank God everyday for blessing me with frens who are great n rock my world n who keep me sane.

N if u have not guessed it by now, im havin a severe case of PMS. im damn angry.

But anyway, other than tat particular burst of hatred towards a certain someone, i've been havin a pretty darn awesome time these past few days!!!!

I hung out wit Kim & Liz at Kim's place n it was awesome!!!! :D
we attempted to watch AMERICAN GANGSTER but we cudnt la, was just tooo confusing and boring. i just didnt get it, but i guess its coz its just not my kinda movie la,
but we talked n talked n laughed like hell, ate n talked somemore about everything n our relationships problems! ahhh!! hehehhe it was real awesome GIRL time! lol!

n today i chillled wit some of my other best buds, Farah & Debbie!! :D
went to Limkokwing wit Farah for our fitting n briefing for the fashion show tomoro!! :D it was fun!! n while we were doing it, we were getting hit on my this funny guy from Kyrgystan! lol! it was soo hilarious! he kept asking us if we had boyfriends! :D

then we picked Deb up n went to eat Nasi Lemak n then they came back to my place n we cam whored!!! lol! n ate my yummy ( :D ) cheese cake! hehhe n talked n everything la!!
heheh i love my friends!

Im SOO excited bout tomoro's Eric Way fashion show man!! it's gonna be sooooo awesome! off the hizzzaaayyy people!!

the adrenaline is pumping thru my veins..... waaaayyyyy pumping... ;)