Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 in a Flash!


Cant believe this year is over...... What seemed like just yesterday is actually exactly 1 year ago! I honestly can still remember every detail of New Years Eve, last year!!! The feelings of anticipation for my 6 months in the USA were at a Peak of Excitement!!

Jan 07
-excitement of going on my dream foreign exchange trip was high charged!
- left Malaysia on the 9th of Dec along wit 37 other awesome & lucky Malaysians!
-went to Allentown, Pennsylvania n met my host family- THE KUHNS n got a school - LEHIGH VALLEY CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL

Feb 07
-had already made real close frens in High School
-fit in well with the family
-went to New York City!!!!

March 07
-realized tat 2 months of my stay had gone past!
-was doing really well in high school!
-missed frens n family from home
-joined the TRACK TEAM in school

April 07
-turned 18 on the 3rd!!! :D
-had a suprise party!
-was sad bout leaving soon
-but spring was here!!!! :D
-was doing well in The TRACK TEAM!!
-went to Maryland for Easter wit my family

May 07
-was havin the time of my life!
-school was awesome! i did my presentation bout Malaysia n the kids loved it!
-had the Prom n wore a pretty Fushia colored dress
-Got a Pin n letter at the Sports Awards for Track!
-Senior Class trip for 5 days to VIRGINIA BEACH where i had an amazing time wit my friends
-Graduation!! :D

June 07
-started gettin very sad bout leavin soon, as i didnt wanna leave at all since i basically had fun every single day of my life n didnt want it to end!
-but i still maximised my time there well!
-crashed Graduation parties wit my frens!
-mini-golfed n hung out alot
-fun wit family too!
-got a suprise farewell party thrown by my fam n frens
-went to Souderton n said a sad goodbye to my host family n cried the whole nite with the other exchange students
-had major fun wit them tho!
-flew to Washington D.C again n met up wit the rest of the Malaysian YES gang n also 400 other participants from all around the world!
-had major fun there! n then we had to leave
-flew back on the 30th via PARIS

July 07
-reached KL on the 1st
-was happy to meet my family n friend again!!
-btw, i had put on 20 pounds/10kg in the US n had to throw away 20 pairs of jeans!
-pigged out on extremely missed good ol' Malaysian food! :D:D:D:D
-enrolled in LimKokWing University of Creative Technology n am doing the Foundation in Design which will continue to a (BA)Degree in Fashion & Retailing

August 07
-college was going great!
-severely missed host family n friends in the US tho, but was dealing
-celebrated MALAYSIA'S 50th Year of INDEPENDECE!! :D MERDEKA!!!

September 07
-nothing much happened in Sept i think! haha
-cant remember!

October 07
-had my 1st ever fashion show in college!! was awesome!!
-did a shoot wit KG n Bibo n it was just like.... wow! hahah my firsts la basically!
-life started opening up more! n met more ppl in college n was absolutely enjoyin life!

November 07
-Finished wit 1st sem of Foundation in college!! :D was amazing!!
-Kris came back!
-went to Bandung, Indonesia for shopping madness!!!!!!!
-Had a major major reality check in my life about problems, n made good decisions
-was busy busy busy the whole month! :D

December 07
-was majorly busy all the time with Christmas shopping!
-thoroughly enjoyed myself tho, n it really really felt good to be back in Malaysia! :D am very proud of my country!
-had another fashion show, n this time it was a big one in Renaissance Hotel for College grads!
-hung out with frens all the days n maximised hols!
-Christmas celebrations!! =P
-went to PD for Major family bonding fun times!
-n now its New Years! lol!

So this is honestly an extremely brief list of my 2007! theres just too many things to write out, only wish i cud! This year flew by, heck, it zoomed at the speed of sound!! But it is really without a shadow of a doubt, the BEST YEAR EVER & The most life changing one!

I'll forever remember it
BUT >>>>> HERE's to 2008!!!!!!

May u be a much more exciting n better year... God! im in for a ride!! :D