Friday, January 4, 2008

Heroes fill my days..

Yes.. i have FINALLY caught the bug.. the HEROES bug! im officially and forever addicted to this show!

ok so u must be thinkin tat im some kinda loser who has been sittin under a rock the entire time since Heroes is kinda old, but NO! i have not been sittin under a rock!

Basically the whole time i was in the US, i stayed wit a conservative Christian family who were very particular bout wat the kids in the house watched n listened to, so for 6 months i was deprieved of my normal music n shows, but its ok, didnt complain much..

so since ive been back home, i've been sooo busy catchin up wit ppl, food, fam n also all the movies n songs n shows i've missed! not to mention college toO!

Thats why i was totally glued to the tv when i watched the whole season 9 & 10 of Friends, season 4 of THE O.C, season 2 & 3 of Grey's Anatomy & now, most recently, season 1 of Heroes!!! :D:D

So i has the entire 1st season on my laptop since July but i only decided to watch it bout last week, a few days b4 Xmas, n lemme tell u........


like, im on my pc wit my eyes glued to the screen every free second i can get watchin the episodes! like at 1st, the first few episodes were confusing, yet i was deeply intrigued!! :D so i kept on watchin n seriously wei!! its soo freakin awesome! i mean, after the characters develop n u familiarize urself wit everyone, the story totally takes off!

So yeah, i know, im damn sad with nothing else to do, but u know wat? i enjoy it! its my escape! loL! so ive finished wit Season 1 n now im watchin season 2 of HEROES online!! also downloading it at the same time! :D yays!!
n i have to say! the 2nd season is lookin rather brilliant! lol! n on STARWORLD, they're gonna have a HEROES season 1 MARATHON on the 19th & 20th of January on starworld, channel 711! so watch it if ur a diehard fan! :D n then they gonna start the 2nd season officially on 22nd Jan, Tuesday, 9pm, channel 711! :D
this means i get double doses! :D happinessssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

so this day has been pretty good! i woke up n watched the Ellen Degeneras Show n forced myself to clean up my 'went thru a bomb' state- closet! loL! if ur wondering, i simply mean tat my closet was waaayyy too messy n i didn have new space for new clothes so i had to clean it out!

While i did so, i listened to HARRY POTTER & THE SORCERER'S STONE on audiobook which i had downloaded, n (btw, im like the most die-hard Harry Potter fan in Malaysia!) was thoroughly enjoyin myself by being accompanied by 2 of the best joys in my life:


then after tat, sha & liz came over for some fun girl-bonding time! we watched "RAISE YOUR VOICE" n had fun eatin, talkin n watching hilarious old videos! :D

good day??
yeah i'll say so! :D

ooopss!!! gotta get back to Heroes! im starting Episode 6 now! :D