Sunday, January 27, 2008

Back in Malaysia!!! :D

wheeeeeee!!!! im baaaaaaccckkk homee!!!! :D yay!!

I spent a GREAT week in INDIA!! still real tired, as i didnt sleep on the plane, so came home n straight unpacked, n plonked myself on the bed n slept! but still real tired la~
But this trip was soo good!!
I spent everyday shopping all around Bombay! u must be thinking, "god! go all the way there just to shop?"

well yeah, coz i mean, Bombay is not a place where u go to sight-see, there is nothing much to see except The Gateway of India n Bollywood - where they film all the Indian movies, but other than that, theres nothing! its sooooooooooooooo freakin dirty n dusty n overcrowded! the streets r never empty, the drivers are totally insane, they do watever they heck they like without caring about other drivers, n its non-stop HONKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!! there is not 10seconds tat go by without a person honking for NO REASON WAT-SO-EVER!!!! n theres people who live on the street.. sigh...... sad tho to see these kinds of ppl..
but oh well..... i guess whenever i go to India, i always just thank God for blessing me with all the things tat i have.. it makes u just appreciate HOME alot more..

Other than tat reality check, i was on a spree of shopping for great Indian buys! like accessories, kurtis n sarees!! :D needless to say, i was very successful! went wit a 1/4 filled suitcase, n when i came back, it was filled!! totally packed! :D yays!!!!!

THIS IS MY NEW SAREE!!!!!!!! just the green one tho, with the black sequins all over, in real life, its much more green, the pic is just a bit weird on the color. but nevertheless, YAY! it was bout RM380 i think.. around there n cant wait to wear it to someone's weddin! i've got 2 coming up soon! so will be wearing 2 diff sarees to each event! i cant wait!!!!

n also, bought like a TON of accessories, coz there's just such a HUGE variety of earrings n necklaces n bracelets n bangles n rings to buy! n most of them, depending where you go, are really really cheap! i mean, i Splurged on something really gorgeous for myself, a Beautiful MARCASITE bangle & ring!
i never spend tat much on 1 piece of jewellry, but i really loved this bangle n thought i deserved something nice tat i can wear all time, so bought this bangle, costs bout RM120 n then saw a matching ring for RM50 n just got it la! haha so now its my new BLING! ;P
But tat was just this 2 things la, the other earrings i got all cost bout RM1-7!! :D seriously! i spent an average of RM 5 (which is bout US$ 1.25) on most of the earrings! :D see this is why i LOVE India!!! :D bought a set of bangles to match my saree as well! :D n also! i got INDIAN style Shoes! hahha u know those round toe-d Genie-ish ones~! lol! they were so cute n only RM20, so thought, why not la!
other than tat, i got 2 short kurti blouses, a salwar kameez set n a pretty white blouse! :D oh n of course souvenirs for my frens! :D hehehhe im not soo self centered, OH KAY!!
Total count-
18 pairs of earrings
2 necklaces
3 sets of bangles
3 pairs of shoes
7 tops
1 saree
1 silk scarf
2 CDs
so it was a great spree, yea?
i also enjoyed being the Bartender on Friday night! ahah my uncle had a small Johnie Walker BLUE LABEL party n so some ppl got together at the house, n i was just goin in n out the whole time, poring beer, gettin whisky on the rocks n pouring whisky soda! hahah it was fun! me n my dad did tat, he let me do it by myself after a while n i also helped my aunt wit the food! lol!

met a really Great guy!
He's this AMERICAN guy who works wit my uncle. the poor man has been living in India without his wife & kids for 3 months, so he really misses them soo very much, u cud tell.
so he came over 1 night n we started talking n guess wat? i find out tat he lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!! tat was bout 6 hours away from Allentown!
it was just so nice to talk to someone who comes from tat area of the USA! n he was sooo interested in my time in the USA so i was talkin all bout it n he was also tellin me bout his experiences in India n his daughters n all tat! :D
i was soooooo happy to meet him!

its just great to talk to someone bout these kinds of things n have them genuinely interested in what i have to say, u know?

So i think he also enjoyed meetin me, n i think coz i reminded him bout his daughters, which is good! :D
Nyeh! so i definately had a great time la! stuffed myself silly wit awesome Indian food n had 4 Rasmalais in 1 day! hahhaha sooooooooo freakin delicious!

im gonna go eat now! Japanese! lol! so till then! i love you all!!!!!!! :D