Sunday, January 13, 2008

Spa-Tastic! :D

Felt like total crap this morning when i woke up! had cramps, had a cold and also just felt really unattractive.. So when my mom asked me if i wanted to go for a Spa today, i was totally psyched!

We went to Jojoba Spa in Berjaya Times Square Hotel in the evening. I chose the TROPICAL package coz it had a:
-Coconut Body Scrub, Shower, Aromatherapy Body Massage and Soothing Eye Pack..
n i thought, "Uhhhhhhh!!!! :D i love the smell of coconut! so tat should be awesome!"

So its the typical spa routine, naked except for disposable panties, then she covered me with a towel n strted scrubbin me down all over my body with this awesome smelling & feeling coconut scrub! n i was just basically in heaven!
then she asked me when i turned over,
" do you want me to scrub ur breasts?"
to which i thought in my head, " what breasts?"
but yeah! i also thought, "ahh wat the heck la, my K-Ks deserve some pampering ;p lol! so lets do it!!!" hahahha so yeah i really did get a WHOLE body scrub as well as an amaaaaazzinnnggg Aromatherapy massage all over (haha K-Ks included! lol!)

was given yummy ginger tea n left with the feeling of total relaxtion, super clean, calm, happy & an all around better! :D

its web site is
i def recommend the spa for anyone! n even if u dont want anything too elaborate, this spa also offers many other types of packages like foot massage, back massage, facials n so on....

im gonna go catch up on Episode 12 of Gossip Girl n then its off to a wonderful sleep! :)

Bon Nuit!