Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bombay Shopping!

So yes, im in India now!! :D this is just a lil update! im on the 2nd day now, n India's been good so far! Actually today was more like GREAT!!

Its winter now, so its cool! weather's bout 18celcius, which is awesome! Sigh, 1 thing bout bein back in Bombay tho, is the Noise n the POLLUTION n the rubbish!!!! GROSSSS.. seriously. god must also bless the people here who drive, they are craaazzzyyy n they cant stop honkin on their bloody horns! its soo freakin irritating!!
Buut neway, hehhe
Today i went shopping!!!!!! :D:D

Bought a Gorgeous Greenish- Blue Saree with black sequins all over! gorgeousness i tell you!!!! *takes my breathe away!* lol!
N also bought a bangles n tons of AWESOME earrings! :D:D hehehheh

ahh its good to be in india, n the food too! :D omg delicious! ill def be puttin on weight on my cheeks! lol!
so ill put up pics n list of things i bought at the end of my trip, so till then,

oh! n a quick shoutout:
Liz, Sha - missing u crazy girls like mad!
MAL -i cudnt stop thinkin of u tat i even dreamt of you.. it was the worst nightmare i've ever had!
dreamt tat You had died in a car crash n i was screamin n crying in disbelief n i thought my heart was bout to burst... will explain more another time.. LOVE YOU MOOKS!!