Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Wild Woman

So yesterday Misha came over to my place to chill n we were in my room, n as usual talkin all sorts of shit n laughin n dancin n singin to SUMMER NIGHTS from GREASE!! lol! tat was always our thing!

when we were younger, we used to sing it n have all the lines n motions memoriezed! guess nothing changed huh? haha

anyway, while i was stnding in a bra while ironin my t-shirt, tat woman was on the phone la, so we started howling n all tat , the person on the phone, Shafiq, was like, are there dogs there?
n i say: "yeah, her name is Misha!! " ;p
n u know wat tat crazy woman did????

she whips me really hard with a USB cable tat she was holding!! like really hard tat i scream in a serious high-pitched-holy-crap-tat-FREAKIN-hurts-like-hell!!!!
n then she starts screamin as well n we both were screamin n i was chasing her around! ahhahhahah

heres how bad it was!
n it even got on my arm, the pic of tat's not so clear la, but this was bad! lol!
haihzz.. then we went out to buy pearl tea n suprise MAL who just came back from Europe n we went n ate NASI LEMAK at ss2 n liz joined in the festivities!! lol!
wer were like some crazy ppl there, talkin n laughin like mad! hahhahha
ahh.. how i love Malaysia......