Friday, January 18, 2008

I'll be waitin for India!!

Im going to BOMBAY, INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D

yyp yup! this will be my 5th time going to Bombay! lol! n im leavin wit my Dad this Sunday,20th till next Sunday, 26th! Cant wait!!:D

You might be wonderin why the heck have i been to India so many times rite? well i have an aunt n uncle who live there n so we go occasionally to visit.. 1st time i went was wit my grandparents, 2nd wit my aunt, 3rd with parents n 4 (which was in 2005) was wit my cousins! haha so i bet this will also be fun! Dad's goin there to meet up wit some ppl, so while he does tat, ill be chillin with my aunt, n goin SHOPPIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shoppin in Bombay (a.k.a. MUMBAI) is the bomb!!!!! if ur looking for sarees, salwar kameezs, kurtis, indian bangles, earrings, bindis n other Indian paraphernilia, BOMBAY is the place to be!! they are all cheap-depending on where u go, but still, n there r just huge varieties all over! :D
needless to say, im goin wit an empty suitcase, ya? haha n dont worry will bring back souvenirs for my buddies! :D

These past few days has been... ok i guess.. dont really do much, but do get to hang out wit Misha a few times, as she goes to college near by so tats fun! n yesterday we went to Pyramid wit Shafiq & Mal n watched THE GAME PLAN!! :D

ahh! its sooo hilarious! its starrin THE ROCK n this cute lil kid called Madison Pettis,who is sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! As u wud know,The Rock who plays the character: JOE KINGMAN is a pro-footballer (football americano, tat is) n he suddenly finds out tat he has an 8 year old daughter. so its pretty funny to watch all the mayhem tat she causes! :D
Great movie to catch if ur into comedies!:D loved it! :D
next movie i wanna watch is THE ATONEMENT.
its supposed to be awesome, yeah? 14 Nominations at the BAFTA awards! wow!
well till next time ya'll! im gonna go clubbin wit my girls tonight! Whoohoo!!