Sunday, December 16, 2007

MCR & fun days!

Im baccckkkkk!!!!!!! :D:D

yay! my internet probs are fixed n im ready to blog again! ahhh! feels soo good! cant believe how addicted i am to the internet! like i freakin die without it! hah!
if the internet ever crashes, GOD FORBID!!! but yeah, we'd all just prolly die or kill ourselves man! seriously!

My CHEMICAL ROMANCE's concert held in STADIUM MERDEKA, KL on the 9th of Dec '07 was friggin awesome yo!!!

it was packed to the brim wit fans n lets just say, i had a majorly awesome time coz i was surrounded by my bestest frens ever!!!! :D
could i ask for more?
Liz, Sha, Farah, Ikmal, Fareena, Venilla n Shafiq made our group! honestly, all tat waiting in line was well worth it coz i got to spend wacky time wit my best frens, just laughin n cam-whoring away! oih n liz was perving on another indian kid! lol!

all of us are like damn broke la, so we bought the RM103 tickets which are the cheapest n way at the back la, ah but we cud still see the stage so it was cool! n at 9.15pm, MCR hit the stage n opened wit This is How i Dissapear! they played for a good 1 hour wit all their famous tracks n all of us craazy ppl were singing n jumping n going wild wit the songs! they also played alot of unreleased stuff, so tat was awesome! :D
all in all, we had an AMAZING time! n lots of good cam-whoring! haha

n when we left, me, Mal, Liz, Farah, Venilla & Fareena got into the Sticky Mobile n headed to the Nasi Lemak place on Seapark to eat n as we were on the way, we cranked some awesome beats n it was like clubbin in the car! hahhahahha seriously! rolled down the windows, stuck our heads out n did weird things! lol
loved every minute of spendin time with these ppl~! ahhh!!

Also, on Tuesday nite, i sleptover at Liz's place wit Sha since she was leavin to London for 3 weeks, n it was mad fun as usual! all the stupid jokes, laughter, dancing n talking, not to mention midnight runs to McD's to get ice cream n coke for ..... u know.... hahhahhahhha slept at 4 ish n had to wake up early at 9 to hang out for the last time wit Mal...

But Wednesday was incredibly awesome n Unforgettable.... :D

Spent the whole day wit Mal coz he was leavin at night to Europe for 1 month.. so we wanted to chill. n somehow i was just so in the mood to do something real diff n fuN! i suggested we go to the Zoo, coz i havent been since i was 6, but he didnt wanna go, but we decided to go to AQUARIA KLCC instead n OMG! it was AMAZING!!

i got into a simple sundress n we had soo much fun just drivin around KL n enjoying its beauty! n we got to KLCC n got to Aquaria, (btw, its RM28 if ur Malaysiam n its RM20 if u bring ur student card)

We had so much fun just seeing all these amazing marine life, touchin baby sharks n starfishes (oh i made him touch it! it felt soo cool!! :D)

n wat was sooo funny was the fact that all around us were families, parents bringin their lil kids n here we were, on a lil date in Aquaria! hahhahhahah was sooo funny! ahh but we had a majorly fun time la.. just good quality time together,

then we headed over to PAVILLION KL to have lunch n i had my pasta as usual n he had pan mee, then we got another piece of fried chicked n walked around admiring the BEAUTIFUL X'MAS deco in the mall! its gorgeous!

n guess wat? we got stopped by a Japanese tv crew! hahhahah! it was so funny! they wanted to interview us for a japanese tv show n they flipped out when they found out that Mal can speak Japanese! hahhahhaha!
they were sooo happy n excited! hehe proud of him la! but yeah, we had a great time gettin intervied n alll tat
n in the end,
we had an incredibly amazingly wow day! n i was actually really sad when he was leavin... i dunno why, but i just realized tat im gonna miss him soo much u know... suddenly la....

n right now, im just really missing him badly u know? sucks coz i thought i was gonna be fine! i thought ill be ok without him, but seems not... im just so lost without you, Mal..

i hate this la.

i was over it.

i was fine.

i moved on.


im lost.


n wishin he was here.

im confused.


im simply addicted to Grey's Anatomy!
i've been catchin up Season 2 on my laptop for a week! been watching it every single minute of the free time i have! hhhaha im in love wit it la! n now i just bought the Season 3 yesterday n im now in Episode 9! hahhaha LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! n SIMPLY ADDICTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh n btw, the movie I AM LEGEND starring Will Smith is....... i dunno.. ok i give him a tremendous round of applause for his acting! it was great! but the storyline of the movie... hmmm.. i didnt really like la. i mean it was ok.. i enjoyed it nonetheless esp scenes where ill be jumpin up n down in fright, but i dont think its all it's cracked up to be., i think they cud have had a better story line..
but id love to hear wat u think bout it! tell me, k>