Monday, February 4, 2008

The Weekend

What a great weekend!! Had an awesome Friday nite hanging out wit some of my fav peeps! :D

It was wat I've decided to call "COUPLE's NIGHT!"
So no suprises, tat it was Me, Mal, Sha & Shafiq! We decided to go to HARD ROCK CAFE, K.L for dinner! it was fun! was a 1st time there for all of us, cept 4 Mal, so it was pretty exciting! Apparently there's only 1 Hard Rock Cafe in each city, ( n only 1 in Msia so far la!) - the whole place is decorated with Rock& Roll Memorabilia n the music is, DUH! Rock & Roll! was real good tho! Food is kinda pricey (drinks r pricey too!) but they do serve Big American portions la.. Only thing tho, is tat it was filled wit older ppl, like ppl who are 26-56, so was a bit weird! nevertheless we did have fun n took tons of pics. Sadly tho, we cudnt stay for the live band coz we had to be 21 for tat, n only Mal was eligible.. sucks....

Then we decided to head to Starhill to eat Ice Cream at LECKA-LECKA!!!!!! oh how much i LOVE tat place!! exp the one in Starhill rocks la! the atmosphere n all tat! So we got our YUMMYYYYYY ice cream (its my fav!) n sat around, ate, laughed n made a TONNN of noise! hahhaha also took mucho-mucho pics! lol! ;p
OF course, we cudnt resist n had to take pics in front of Louis Vuitton and in various parts of the Starhill restaurant areas la! hahah god, me & sha r real cam-whores i tell u! :D

N after tat, bout 12.30am, headed to PASSION Club in K.L ( near Aloha, & Rum Jungle). One of Shafiq's frens got us in, coz it was apparently 25+ club ( since when r there 25+ clubs??) but yeah it was sooo cool!! it has got to be the most GORGEOUS clubs in KL!
1st off, its HUGE!!
2ndly, it has really pretty deco n a freakin Pool!! :D
3rdly, its kinda divided to many different sections,
4th- Hip-Hop & RnB rules the ground floor, where its really really crowded wit working aged ppl
5th, if ur into House music, go upstairs to 2nd floor n it has gorgeous lounges n all!
6th, the ground floor is kinda open air, meanin u have very good air circulation, n its open air in certain parts, so its not smoky, u can breathe well! lol!

Dancin there was GREAT! although it was a bit too crowded on the dance floor, u cud move to diff parts n still dance n have a kick-ass time! ;D Left at bout 2.40am n had to skip our routine Mamak eating times coz i had to get home! loL! so luckily got home by bout 3.20am, n was well tired man!! :D a great nite! so do check out this club if u can!! :D

Other than tat, i went to Sg. Wang n got a cute satin dress for RM15!! seriously! a top for RM15 n another cute Nautical top for RM19! see, THIS IS WHY I LOVE Sg.Wang!!!! :D:D