Friday, February 22, 2008

Boobie Matters

I was going thru my lingerie drawer the other day n i came across my old trainin bra tat i had kept, jsut coz i loved it's innocence & comfort. N i decided to try it on, n not to my suprise it still fit. yay kel. good goin on the growin process.


Yes, im 1 of those who are not blessed wit "big Sisters" like some ppl i know, but hey tats just me. Got me thinkin how come us women (n men too!) are just obsessed wit boob sizes. We always seem to want Bigger, curvier, jucier mamas, -always

I'm not gonna lie n say tat i do not join tat group, yes, i always do wish tat God did bless me wit bigger boobs, n i think tats is the only body flaw I see on my body (not to brag but i do absolutely LOVE my body to bits!) it aint perfect i know, n mite not be the 'ideal' body, but its mine.. I'm absolutely ADDICTED TO lingerie! really! i have a lingerie fetish! lol! BUt God did make me this way, n try as i have over the years to have bigger mamas they never work out.

But u know wats funny? some days i can be pretty 'body concious' about it, n go on this self pity n 'im-ugly' spree, n some other days, im DARN rite proud of my body! weird huh?

i noticed tat whenever i wear bikinis, although tats the moment i am most 'exposed', those are the times im like "ah who cares?" n totally walk out confidently, not caring wat ppl mite think. if ur gonna judge me based on my body, do i really wanna know u??

So yeah, i've come to a point where, yes, id love if my boobs were bigger, but for now, IM PROUD of wat i have n whoever said u have to have boobs to look good?? im livin proof tat u can still be stylish n flaunt wtv assets u have n still look good!

plus, there are many advantages of havin small boobs!
u can wear halters, tubes, or low necklines without lookin like a total slut, u dont suffer from backaches, u dont have to worry bout runnin n them goin 'kadoinka doink doink' around!

So yeah! I'm not gonna let ppl tell me tat "u shud wear push up bras n make them look nicer la" coz im accepting my body for wat it is.

And you should too.