Monday, March 3, 2008

Everyday Moments

Let me see ya move, move, shake, shake,
watcha daddy said!!

hehehe.. i dunno about u but whenever i hear the song featured on my blog, "Move, Shake & Drop by DJ Laz, Pitbull & Flo-rida" i just gotta get up n dance!!! those of u familiar to the famous House song "Satisfaction by DJ Benni Benassi" u'd know tat the back beat of the song is featured in this song! the twist is the added Hip-Hop to it!! yay!!! im LOVIN it!! :D my other fav is "The Anthem by Pitbull" which is a hip-hop song featuring "Calabria by Enur!"

Anyway, sorry for not updating for ages! i've been soo busy! I had a fantastic time wit Sha the other day at Bangsar! met up wit Mong, ate at Delicious n we walked around shoppin! i love random hangout wit the girlfriends...

N on Saturday i had a Potluck dinner wit my AFS Klang chapter at the Bernard's house! yays for AFS!!! :D i met Nambee & Ciyan there n it was great to meet up wit the other Returnees who went all over and also met the new exchange students!! :D there are 2 16-year old boys from GERMANY!! its gonna be soo much fun hangin out wit these kids (+the other chapters)!!

Made me remember my time in the USA.... i miss my host family, THE KUHNS.. they were soo awesome n we got along GREAT!! also miss my friends soo incredibly much n my school!! so i made a photo album on facebook wit just a few random pics... wanna see? here! click

hahah i had another one of those 'crazy crack' days wit KG in college! lol we just get soo crazy together! loL! must upload tat video of him! hahhah ;p