Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gettin Jiggy Wit It!

I've been havin some pretty hectic days at college recently, but they still have been fun!
History of Art classes just got more n more interesting! today we learnt bout Northern Renaissance Art which like Italian Renaissance depicts Biblical stories, but just wit more detail! haha my lecturer, n i still think he's gay, told us bout this painting called the Garden Of Earthly Delights which shows:

in the 1st panel - Garden of Eden and Adam n Eve sinning, 2nd panel - sins like orgies and 3rd - hell

pretty graphic n horrific la to be honest wit u.. u can check it our on wikipedia n they show close ups n its actuallly really detailed n scarryyy!! but cool!! so my lecturer was trying to refer to sex n now everytime he wants to talk bout it, he says "you know la, those people are gettin jiggy with it!" hahhahah!! can u imagine ur lecturer sayin tat???gettin jiggy wit it!! LOL!!! i LOVE him la!! he's just hilarious!!

n OMG!!!! the GROSSEST THING happened yesterday in the plaza!!! yuuuccckk!! ok ok during lunch time me & Trisha were busy cuci-mata (washing eyes) wit all the hot guys in college la. so we were lookin at this hot Bosnian guy, he's white and has this nice green eyes and a stoned look, so he was sittin a few tables away. n me n trisha were just talkin la, then we happened to look at him again n you know wat??????????????????

he stuck his finger in his nose n dug it, then pulled it out & looked at it!!! YYYYYUUUCCCCKKKKKK!!!!! its not even like he gently brushed his nose u know!! he stuck it RIGHT in there n looked for treasure or sumn. n FUURRREEAAKKEDD out!!! we were like soooo freakin grossed out n talk bout potong steam man!!!! we happened to look 10 mins later and.... HE DID IT AGAIN. Freak.

please la people!! u wanna pick ur nose do it in private in the bathroom or sumn la!! why the hell would u do it in the plaza during lunch time surrounded by 5000 ppl??? euuuggghhh!!

other than tat, im swamped wit work!! going abit crazy here, i gotta make a stupid comic book, fully illustrated & colored n has to be a min of 10 pages.. sucksss......

cant wait for SUNBURST MUSIC FESTIVAL this Saturday!!! INCUBUS, JOHN LEGEND, THE ROOTS, CHENELLE, JOE FLIZZOW!!! ahhhhh i cant wait!!ahhh