Thursday, March 20, 2008


Sorry i havent updated in a while! i've been so busy runnin around wit assignments n what-nots!
Yesterday at college, there was serious drama, people!!
hehe ok i know wat im gonna say sounds bad, but omg! if u were there, ud have been as excited as i was too!

we were all sittin at the Plaza & One World during lunch la, n my frens & I (haha check out the grammar!) were sittin next to LKW's globe... suddenly everyone in One World got up n RAN to the stairs n we all were like wtf?! la, so also got up n saw 3 guys fighting and rolling down the grassy n bush filled slope!! 2 guys were beating up this 1 guy and wooooowwwww!!! i dont see fights, actually never seen a real one, n so this was BIG for me la!! n EVERYONE from One World n The Plaza were runnin to join the commotion n some guys were trying to break the fight up la..

crap man! when they pulled the guys apart, the one who was gettin beat up, he was covered in mud partches n blood! it was pretty intense la.. so this was the big drama of the sem.. so far.. cause of fight, UNKNOWN... hehe sorry! i know this sounds bad of me to blog bout, but this was all new to my eyes! lol!

i have to draw a freakin skeleton for LIFE DRAWING this week! insane man~~ do u know how complex the bone strucure is?? Mariah & Naz had to help me out! (thanks guys!) n next week were adding muscles to the bones.... freak......

u know, i cant believe im turnin 19 soon.... this sucks... i dont have a prob gettin older, is just tat, whats so great bout turnin 19??????? there are "Sweet 16s", n when ur 17-its the last year of highschool, when ur 18- ur much more freer n start college, 20 is when u hit the big 2-0, n when ur 21, ur legally an adult, but wat ever happened to 19????? is this the forgotten year?????? suckss!! nothin spectacular is supposed to happen when ur 19!!

Well, im gonna start my own trend. Its called NAUGHTY NINETEEN!!! so NOW, something awesome can happen! lol!!

i cant wait till this Saturday!! i have a photoshoot wit a classmate of mine- Michael Cools! he's Indonesian n quite an Awesome photographer la! so im reallllyyyy excited!! were doing a Fierce shoot! check out his works at: