Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunburst Music Festival KL 08

HoLY shIdaNgoS!!!!! Sunburst freakin BLEW MY BRAINS OUT!!!!!!!!!! there's just soo much to say, but im gonna try to keep it short!

Went early,at 3 to catch the Indonesian & Malaysian acts! Watched Gerhana Ska Cinta, Hujan, Pop Shuvit, & Gigi! they were really really good n now i have to say im totally addicted to these 2 songs!! Terbang by Gigi & Meninggalkan ku Sendiri by Hujan! Wow!! not bad at all, who ever said local acts weren't good? they may not be at the top of my fav ever list, but they deserve sooo much credit than they get! try downloading these k?? they're quite brilliant la! even if u dont understand the language!

The place was HUGE! i have to say, the organization of the concert was BRILLIANT! I mean, there were 28 Acts. 4 Stages. 1 Venue. 1 Ticket price. n they had good food stalls like KFC, Pizza Hut, Planet Hollywood, Pink Sage & Tuborg did the beers.. they also had games!! sumo wrestling suits, rodeos, human foosball, n all sorts of fun booths like merch, graffitti n all sorts, so it really felt like a REAL MUSIC FESTIVAL!!! i was on cloud nine laa

One of the international acts, George Clinton & Parliament Funk (an old band who did the song "Play That Funky Music White Boy") performed, n prior to tat, i never knew any of their other songs but hooooollllyyyyy shidangos!!!!!!!! THEY WERE AMAAZZING!!!! like this old dude, came out dressed only in a napkin diaper!! hahah was hilarious n obscene at the same time! n George Clinton himself was wearing a colorful wig n was just hilarious la! they played a 2 hour set (4o mins over time slot) but everyone was groovin and dancing!! ahhh I LOVED IT!!!! they're like 1 of the pioneers of Funk music n ud just love it! :D Got some pretty awesome shots too!

Then i also caught Joe Flizzow & our very own MALAYSIAN CHE'NELLE!!! :D yes, she's Malaysian! n KIM VANILLA was dancing back up for her! :D But the main reason i wanted 2 go to Sunburst was to watch my dream man & band! Also, Hip-Hop legends, THE ROOTS performed a great set!! Mal was super excited bout tat la! haha i liked it! im not so into their work, i LOVE their song SEED n they were entertaining!!! oh n they're from Philadephia!! :D hehe

John Legend was next n omijesussss...... i think i just died n went to heaven for a bit. i swear he was one of those ppl i said "if he ever comes to KL to do a concert, id DIE!!" n HE CAME!! just cant believe i saw him in concert u know?? he did such a GREAT job!!! did a 1 1/2 slot n did many songs from his old as well as new album (used to love you, so high, number one, PDA(we just dont care), Slow dance & ORDINARY PEOPLE) n guys.. seriously, the song Ordinary People is just so meaningful to me, when he sang it, i just teared up... it was beautiful n a brilliant song.... still cant believe i saw the LEGEND in concert! he's super duper cute n charismatic too!! :D

But the ultimate highlight for me was- none other than my 2nd Fav Rock Band Ever - INCUBUS!!!!!!!!!! it still hasnt completely sunken in yet... it was just soo surreal. O.M.I.J.E.S.U.S. I've had an infactuation with Incubus's music for so long! its beautiful, u know? at 1st i thought that they were just average, but when i started listenin to more of their hits n really appreciating their lyrics n superd sound, i just fell head over heels in love with them! They're magic! N every1 present was at their show! they played an AWESOME-SUPER-DUPER-STELLAR SET!!!! they opend wit Quicksand & played Nice To Know You, I Wish You Were Here, Talk Show On Mute, Are You In, Megalomaniac, Stellar and a few other songs which i wasnt tat familiar with! But ohhmyygoodness!! i've been to quite a few concerts but ive never experienced one so inspiring, so perfect, so energized and strangely, so intimate... The way Brandon delivered the songs were wow...... they just connect wit the audience..

I have Incubus runnin thru my veins now n wanna get "INCUBUS" tattooed on myself! haha dont worry i wont! But hope u love my song of the week! its DIG by INCUBUS.. duh... n i took 215 pics at Sunburst!!!!! i uploaded the bests n my favs on my facebook!! check it our, k? click here at : PART 1 and also at: PART 2 to view the pics!! they're friggin awesome la!!!

well i guesss tats all im gonna blab bout!! till laterrrrr, im gonna jam to more INCUBUS now! love ya ppl!!