Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Camera!!!

WHOOHOOO!!!!!!! i got a new DSLR CAMERA!!!!!!!! yayz!! its a SONY A200!!!! n im loovin it!!

all of us had to get a DSLR for Photography class, n so after lookin around for other brands n good deals, my dad decided that the Sony was a good purchase! looked at Nikon D40, D40x n also Canon 350D & 400D.. then he found the Sony n was told tat its a better camera n all tat.. i didnt really care la. to me The Nikon, Canon n Sony are actually all the same n i wanted the Nikon since most ppl have it then i can ask my frens how to use it, but my main priority was to get the cheapest one la!!

I just felt bad tat my parents had to spend so much for this as i only need it for 1 Sem, ahh but i LOVE it!! n plus im really excited to learn how to use it n i do like photography so it be cool!
dad managed to get a good deal, RM2000 for the camera+lens+filter+bag+tripod+CF card+ Screen protector la.. so guess its ok..
but anyway!! it rocks n im excited! :D

Yesterday i had a great History of Art Class!!! my lecturer rocks!! we were talkin bout Art from the Renaissance period n he was showing all the pics la! haha he referred to a pic of a baby as B.J! THE BABY JESUS!! lol! n Mr.J was JESUS! hahha n i think he's gay, he just had this awesomely funny was of explainin things n he totally made History soo much fun!!

n i reckon i have an appreciation for this art! like the Mona Lisa, The Statue of David, The Last Supper, The Philosphers... its cool!! i cant imagine hundreds of years ago these painters can just create all these techniques.. i mean, how the heck do they think of all this?? anyway...

IM SOO HAPPY!! hehe i FINALLY collected my UNI t-shirt! hahaha i started doing the things i was supposed to have done in last sem (August) this sem! haha ok, like.. i NEVER collected my Student ID!! (the horror!!) i was just too lazy la. so i went to collect it recently but they didnt have it so they were gonna call me when its ready! i swear i was gonna start jumpin wit joy if i got it. Ya im weird like tat. then i got my bloody huge RM90 waste-of-money&space book last week n today! i finally got my tshirt!!whooohooo!! im gonna do something to it la, since studyin fashion la kan, must be different from the others! lol!
im gonna either make it into a halter or im gonna cut the back n tie it wit lil cute holes.. hmm must figure out how to do tat.... HELP ME OUT!!! please??