Thursday, March 27, 2008

The MOST annoying & Stupidest Girl eva!

whoa.... i never thought a person could really be this stupid, annoying, dumb, loser, poser, WATEVER u wanna call it la! wtf man?? ok so i got this video from Hanie's blog
seriously man.. watch this n feel ur blood pressure just rise!!


hehe just thought id like to share the stupidy of some ppl... the weddin was a blast last night!


it was a real great wedding n interesting too~ all went smoothly except for a minor boo-boo tat us flower girls made! ;p hehhe

She looked soooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!
n we looked great! lol! ill post some pics of us ladies in sarees soon when i get some! !:D

anyway... DO U KNOW I HAVE TO MAKE A FREAKIN SCULPTURE for my stupid comic book presentation on Tuesday???????? i swear my lecturer is not thinkin straight... evidently....

anyway, here's a pic of this cockroach i killed a few weeks ago! hahha photographed it while it was dying! lol!

it wriggled for bout 2 hours after i sprayed it wit like 1/4 a can of bug spray! sheesh! i hate cockroaches la!! ugh!!!
i honestly cant believe that on the 9th of April 2008, my dearest Mal and I are gonna be celebrating our 3rd Year Anniversary together...... whoa................ i really cant believe it's been 3 years already... feels like it was just yesterday tat he poured water on me at the concert! lol! n in another way, it just feels like we've been together for AGEESSSSSSSS...... we're just in this perfect spot together, we're soo comfy and just....... Perfect.... :)

Im Happy!!! hehe ok so ill tell u how Me n Mal began in my next post! lol! its kinda funny la! heheh so take care over the weekends n ill be catch u guys in a bit!!