Friday, March 21, 2008

It's No Competition

We as Malaysians just know that we have the best food in the world! We do! ohh yes, of course we do LOVE all other foods too, like my other fav is Italian food, or western & Japanese! But honestly, i think the worst torture to put a Malaysian thru is to deprive them of our AMAZING-OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD food!!

The thing about M'sian food is that we get a HUGE variety of cultures and flavours n at times they're all fusioned! As you shud know, Malaysia is a multi-culutal country wit 3 main ethnic groups - Malays, Chinese & Indians! So all the races all live together harmoniously, and i think 1 of the main factors of that is bcoz we all learn about each other's cultures, lifestlyes, traditions and food! So thats why in Malaysia we can have different varieties of food at any given day!

Nothin in this world beats being hungry at 3.30am and just steppin out of the house n walkin abit to a nearby mamak stall! ahhhh.. dont we all love that! they're dirt cheap (u can feed ur family of 4 wit a drink n plate of food each for only RM16 which is US$4!) n the best part is tat we alll just go there to chill wit frens, eat, drink, watch football on the big screen tv by the roadside n just shill u know? its the lifestyle..

n u just gotta love all the different blends of flavours we have.. i loved being in America, dont get me wrong, n everyone knows tat i ate like a complete pig when i was there, but the thing tat killed me was the fact tat although the food is yum, its bland compared to Malaysian food-which is always bursting wit flavours! I suffered so bad, n the only thing i missed most bout home, no offense friends ( i missed u too!) was the food!! AHHHHHHH THE PAIIINNN!!!

i honestly had dreams of freakin Nasi Lemak, Char Kuey Teow, Roti Canai, Rendang & Teh Tarik la.. theres no other tea in the world like TEH TARIK (pulled tea).. its the GOD of all teas..its basically tea wit evaporated milk, which is then poured from cup to cup, wit incresing lenght to make sure the tea is well mixed and FROTHY!! :D

n u know wats funny is the lengths tat we M'sians will go thru to get some food! I mean my family is not the only ones who do this, but like 20-30 of us will get together n plan to eat great food n the furthest we've driven was 1 1/2 hours to eat! hahahhah but we love it! n we do tat a few times u know? n once u get a Msian started on their fav places to eat, WATcH OUT!! ur in for a very ver interesting talk! hahahaha
sorry la, i know this is real random but i just thought of this post as i was eating at my fav chinese restaurant last nite! for the record i had rice wit sizzling beancurd, deep fried fish wit soy sauce & garlic, potato leaves and ABC soup! yummmmmmmmm
i wonder what i wanna eat for dinner... i think Indian banana leaf either at Kanna Curry House or Paandi's at Jalan Gasing! see u around!