Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Snippit of Photoshoots

Hey ya!! i def had a Fantastic day today!! did 2 photoshoots!! :D

1st one was a last minute thing for college! it was for LimKokWing's Cambodia Campus advertisement! so it was group photos of us doin stuff in college n wat not. thing is tat it started real late, so i only got to do 1 scenario :( had to leave coz i had another shoot wit Michael! but it was still fun n got to hang out wit Mira & Chris!

but the photoshoot with Michael Cools today was one of my favs!! omg!!! ill post more details as well as pics as soon as i get em!
roughly this is wat happened la! we did a really FIERCE/ ANGRY shoot n Intania put really dark eyeshadow, smudged and grunge wit thick lashes n my hair was wet n messssyy!

n so all the photos i had to have this angry expression- creating fierce & sexy at the same time n hoooollllyy shindagoes!! we shot like over 300 pics i think for a few hours n the results??


cant wait for pics from him n will post them!! gonna eat n since tomoro is Easter, i wanna wish ya'll a HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!